Our Testimonials

"Bob, I've been online for more than a decade and trust me, my address book is a mess. Then, presto, Scrubly quickly cleaned it all up!"
- Maran B.
"Can we go back 3 months, when I was deduping my address book by brute force? It was a horrible experience and Scrubly would have saved me a ton of time."
- Kevin K.
"I really admire this tool!"
- Muhanad A., Khartoum Sudan
"I truly appreciate an accurate address book each time I go to look up a contact. "
- Mark Anderson, Ellensburg WA
"Your product has real potential. "
- Robert A., London UK
"I need this, my husband needs this, my life needs this!"
- Elizabeth W., Atlanta GA
"With work, home, and two android based phones, juggling contacts can be a hassle. This is especially true when I migrated my address book to another mobile phone and it duplicated the same contact four different times (i.e. Bob Home, Bob Work, Bob Cell, Bob Other). Many wasted hours cleaning it up manually were saved with Scrubly."
- Roy C., Salt Lake City UT
"Your tool for cleaning up address books eliminates undesirable and mindless sorting and would increase my daily productivity. It’s a morale boost and reflects the company message of increasing efficiency. Scrubly is a great solution for myself and my entire company."
- Ken Hey, CEO Sunstream, Seattle WA
"My address book is a complete mess of duplicates and conflicting contacts and a huge time waster. Scrubly is invaluable to me."
- Bob B., Toronto Canada