Update Your Contacts with Data from Your Social Network

You have a great list of contacts in your address book, these are the contacts you really care about. But, a lot of their information is out of date or incomplete. You also have lots of friends on Twitter. With Scrubly, you can now import all of the rich contact information that exists on Twitter to enhance and update your contact list.

Import Twitter Contact Information

Scrubly connects to Twitter and imports and updates your contacts with your friend's latest information.

Control Exactly Which Contact Information You Want to Update

You have complete control over the information you want to sync and import from Twitter. Select the fields you would like to sync. You can turn on or off Overwrite so that any existing information in your address book will be either overwritten or maintained.
Scrubly does not import all of your social network contacts. It only updates the existing contacts you already have inside your address book.