Security and Reliability Safeguards

At Scrubly, we know that our customers rely on us to safely and securely manage their data. We take those responsibilities seriously. The security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the Scrubly application are our top priority.

SSL Security

All information traveling between your browser or Scrubly client and the Scrubly server is protected from eavesdroppers with 128-bit SSL encryption. The lock icon in your browser allows you to verify that you aren't communicating with a phishing site impersonating Scrubly and that your data is secure in transit.

Firefox and Internet explorer


The Scrubly application - including your data - rests securely behind Scrubly server firewalls.

Physical Security with Geographical Diversity

Scrubly utilizes three data centers connected via private, 10 gigabit point-to-point connections, and integrated through proprietary automated tools between Seattle, Dallas and Washington DC. Our data centers support biometric access controls, constant surveillance, redundant power feeds and generators, robust fire suppression, and carefully monitored climate control to protect the servers that store your data.

Sophisticated Password Policy Enforcement

Scrubly supports strict password policy enforcement including complexity requirements, password history, and forced reset.


The data in your Scrubly account is replicated across multiple database servers in three geographic locations to prevent a single failure from causing data loss. Additionally, that data is backed up nightly to tape. It is stored in a secure offsite location to ensure that, even in the event of a catastrophic tornado or flood, your information will be safe and your records can be quickly restored.