Simple Five-Step Clean Up Process

Scrubly in the Cloud

Scrubly processes all of your contact data inside the Scrubly cloud. This approach delivers you the very best duplicate, merging, and conflict resolution operations possible, all within one location. Rather than spreading our power across a multitude of varied platforms, we focus on cleaning your data in one central cloud location, ultimately delivering a streamlined and more effective address book cleaning process.

Data cleaning process

Scrubbleator™ Data Cleansing Technology

Our secret sauce is in our Scrubbleator™ data cleansing system. This proprietary technology intelligently analyzes your contact data, field by field, across your contact list. It then applies our unique comparative rules to thoroughly scrub your data with no loss, while you maintain full control.

Automated Data Backup

As part of the Scrubly setup process, we automatically save a backup of your original address book data. We set this data file aside and make it available for you to download throughout the cleanup process or at some point in future. No matter how you choose to scrub your contacts, you will always have access to your original file. In addition, if you are a monthly or yearly Scrubly subscriber, we keep a backup copy of your last three scrubs. You will always have the option to access your previous contact data.