Remove Duplicate Contacts from Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps Address Books

Scrubly works by comparing your contact details and searching for possible duplicate contacts across your entire address book or within a single folder. It supports address book cleanup for Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps platforms. As Scrubly finds these potential duplicates, it presents the results to you in groups and proposes a logical way to quickly clean up your address book. You can resolve all duplicates at once by accepting Scrubly's recommendation, or you can resolve each item individually.

Remove Duplicate Contacts in Outlook

Support for multiple Outlook user profiles: Scrubly supports contact folder cleanup across multiple Outlook user profiles. Simply select the Outlook user profile you would like to Scrub when launching the Scrubly Outlook client. This is great for people who share the same computer, but have different Outlook profiles.

Scrub all or individual Outlook folders: select the Outlook folder you would like to scan. Scrubly searches for Outlook duplicates across all or selected Outlook folders.

Scrub multiple PST files: remove duplicate contacts from an unlimited number of Outlook PST files.

Automatic backup: Scrubly automatically backs up your Outlook contacts before processing so that you will always have an original backup of your data available for download from the Scrubly server.

Outlook version support: Supports Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 (XP) and Outlook 2000. Scrubly does not support Outlook Express at this time.

Windows OS Support: Windows 7, Windows Vista (x32, x64), Windows 2003, Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 and NT

Supports Microsoft Exchange: Supports Microsoft Exchange folders including public contact folders

Remove Duplicate Contacts in Mac Address Book

Cleanup your Mac address book: Scrubly automatically cleans up your Mac address book removing duplicates, conflicts and formatting errors.

Automatic Backup: Scrubly automatically backs up your Mac address book contacts before processing so that you will always have an original backup of your data available for download from the Scrubly server.

Mac OS Support: Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" or later, and is compatible with OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and OS X 10.7 "Lion".

Remove Gmail and Google Apps Duplicate Contacts

Cleanup your Gmail Contacts: Scrubly automatically cleans up and removes duplicate contacts, eliminating conflicts and formatting errors within Gmail.

Automatic Backup: Scrubly automatically backs up your Gmail contacts before processing so that you will always have an original backup of your data available for download from the Scrubly server.

Powerful Contact comparison algorithm

Scrubly has a unique contact comparison methodology that thoroughly scans and individually compares every contact in your address book, field by field. This process ensures your address book exits Scrubly squeaky clean.

Search and remove exact contact duplicates: In order for Scrubly to identify two or more contact records as exact duplicates, all fields from each contact record must exactly match all corresponding fields in the other. If 100% of the fields match, regardless of time stamp, they are considered an exact duplicate and all but one record will be flagged for removal.

Search and remove nearly identical contact duplicates: Scrubly searches all contacts using its comparison methodology looking for Compatible Contacts contacts. These contacts can be safely merged if there are no conflicting fields. For example, if you have two duplicate contacts, the most useful data from each contact will be collected based upon the time stamp of each individual field. The most recent field is automatically inserted into a new merged and consolidated record.

Search and remove contacts with conflicted information: Conflicted contacts are those records that have the same data in two or more different fields and cannot be resolved through the use of time stamp comparisons. For example, two contacts may have the same name and email address, but an identical phone number appears in one as home phone and the other work phone. Scrubly identifies these contacts as conflicts and requires the user to quickly resolve these issues through the Conflict Resolution Wizard.

Preview all Flagged Duplicates Before Processing

Scrubly allows you to preview and approve all duplicates flagged for removal or merging before processing. This keeps you in complete control at all times with the full awareness of the data being processed.

The Conflict Resolution Wizard Speeds the Process of Resolving Conflicted Fields between Contacts

Many address books have very common patterned errors that get propagated across many contacts at once. Syncing your address book with mobile phones or other services often creates this situation. Field mis-matching is one common problem where the exact same phone number is stored in both the Work and Home fields of two separate contacts. With Scrubly's Conflict Resolution Wizard, the tool automatically searches for patterns that can be repaired with a single click.

Scrubly Backups

Scrubly automatically backs up your original uploaded address book data before processing. This feature enables you to download your original contact file at anytime. Scrubly also keeps track of your last two sets of Scrubbed contacts. These three backups will always be available for you to download on the Scrubly server. You can relax knowing that you can always retrieve your data in the event of loss.