How do I remove duplicates from a specific Outlook folder?

After launching the Scrubly Outlook client, the wizard allows you to select the Outlook folder you would like to scrub. Simply select the folder from the provided list and click next. Scrubly will then process only that specific Outlook folder.



What versions of Outlook are supported?

Outlook versions 2010(32-bit)/2007/2003/XP/2002/2000 are supported.



Can Scrubly clean the contacts inside Outlook Business Contact Manager?

Unfortunately, no, Business Contact Manager doesn't store the data in Outlook.



Why aren't some of my duplicates being recognized?

If the software doesn't recognize them, then it's virtually 100% safe to say that they aren't duplicates. They are only similar or their data is too limited to provide a clear comparison.



How are contacts merged?

During the comparison process, contact data is broken down into individual fields. Exact duplicate data is retained and missing data is copied. If there are conflicts, then the most current information is kept and the older data is removed.