Sync and Import LinkedIn Contacts

UPDATE: As of May 2015, LinkedIn has turned off their APIs to the majority of their developer partners worldwide, including Scrubly. Unfortunately, Scrubly will no longer be able to provide updates to your address book from LinkedIn.

Update Your Contacts with Your Friend's Latest LinkedIn Information

With Scrubly, you can now import all of the rich contact information that exists in LinkedIn to enhance and update your contact list.

Scrubly only pulls in information for contacts that already exist in your address book, it does not import all of your LinkedIn connections.

Even if you only have an email address as a contact, Scrubly will sync up and complete your contacts from LinkedIn data.

Control Exactly Which Contact Information You Want to Update

You have complete control over the information you want to sync and import from LinkedIn. Select the fields you would like to sync. You can turn on or off Overwrite so that any existing information in your address book will be either overwritten or maintained.

Scrubly does not import all of your social network contacts. It only updates the existing contacts you already have inside your address book.