What can 3 dead geniuses and 2 live comedians teach you about productivity?

Habits of Genius

Quite a bit, actually.

They can show you how to ...

Mark Twain

Get started on a hard project

Mark Twain has some (im)pertinent advice

Benjamin Franklin

Greate an effective schedule

It’s hard to beat Ben Franklin

Tina Fey

Foster teamwork

Amplify ideas like Tina Fey

Jerry Seinfeld

Build a habit

Seinfeld’s system is as genius as his comedy

Albert Einstein

Solve a problem

Einstein pretty much solved problem-solving

Want to see how they do it?

Get “Habits of Genius” — Scrubly’s timeless, unorthodox, irreverent guide to habit-change.

What you get

  • Mark Twain’s insight about eating frogs
  • Ben Franklin’s routine for self-improvement
  • Tina Fey on seeing mistakes as opportunities
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s construction-worker epiphany
  • Albert Einstein on the benefits of clutter

Here’s how to get it

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3 dead geniuses. 2 live comedians. 1 cool guide to
habit change.


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