Phone Number and Possibly Address Standardization

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McKinley Tabor

I just Scrubbed my 600+ Google Apps Contants and it was well worth the $25. I question/suggestion would be to standardize or normalize the phone numbers and addresses across the address book.

For Example, I have phone numbers entered as +1 (931) 555-1212, 19315551212, (931) 555-1212, 931-555-1212, 931-5551212, etc, etc. I realize it's purely visual and most phones will dial whatever number is given. But it would be nice for Scrubly to put all of those phone numbers in different formats into the same notation.

Likewise with address. For some reason at some point in the past, so problem or syncing service combined 30% of my addresses into the "street" field. While I know it's more difficult with address than phone number, even just removing spurious punctuation (like commas at the end of the city name) would be helpful.


(7 years ago) Posted by McKinley Tabor on December 23, 2011 at 05:19am Your Ideas about Scrubly