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William Geoghan

It would be great if scrubly could scrub one account and then sync all accounts. For instance, I have a google account which is my main contacts account. Would be great to scrub my google account and then sync that account contacts back to my MAC, etc.

Great product. Found duplicates that I was not even aware of....

(8 years ago) Posted by William Geoghan on March 18, 2011 at 03:36am Your Ideas about Scrubly


Just want to echo these sentiments. Will be back once sync is included.

Thanks for the efforts!

8 years ago

Theodore Vickey

I will gladly subscribe with this function AND the ability to delete the fax numbers from my address book. They always tend to show up when I am selecting names from Outlook, and who uses fax machines any more?

8 years ago


That is what I thought Scrubly did. Hope you add that soon. As of now this service is not helpful to me. You may want to clarify this on your site.

8 years ago


A bug and a suggestion.

During the merge loose contacts, a group came up in which the first contact contained an email address and the second didn't. The suggested merged contact on the right did *not* contain the email address. Furthermore, when I moused over the contact to scroll down with the mouse wheel, the email address *disappeared*. That's a bug.

Suggestion: It would be very useful if Scrubly allowed editing of the contacts during the merge process. It is very frustrating to be presented with a merged contact in which there is something I would like to change but can't, having to make a mental note to go do it later. Very frustrating.

8 years ago


adding to my own post....
first, I just realized that I should have opened a new thread rather than adding to this thread, oh well.

the contact I mentioned above did have the email address in the final merged contact once I looked at it in gmail. I think it was just a display issue. I'm running Google Chrome in Windows XP. I noticed that the email address was just about as wide as the display area before it disappeared.

second, what about group status? I just realized that when contacts are displayed scrubly doesn't show what email groups they may belong to. so by deleting one and keeping another, or merging, etc., one is left wondering what happened regarding group status.

8 years ago

George Lee

Scrub and merge went ok, could not download scrubbed address book. I tried the close browser, clean cache, etc, even restarted computer, tried safari instead of Firefox, Mac system, any ideas? I too have all my equipment linked through Mobile me so am sitting with old info... Thx, george

8 years ago