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Ramiro Gómez

I have try several sync options for my Contacts until I drop in Scrubly, and fall in love, but this search let me with the downside, that some of my contacts has a html kinda code in the note section and other have they address 5 or 8 time repetitive.

So... the is a way to delete for example the Notes Contact while? If not, can you think that could be a option in the future. Like when you are choosing what do you wanna check for duplicates. Or make check if the contact has the absurd amount of address?

(5 years ago) Posted by Ramiro Gómez on March 28, 2014 at 17:07pm Your Ideas about Scrubly


Hi Ramiro,

Thanks for your support note about Scrubly. Unfortunately, the feature you're describing to delete specific HTML content from the Notes section of your contacts is not something that Scrubly can do today. We've got that on our roadmap, where you can search for specific text and remove it, but it is not something the product does today.

For multiple addresses, Scrubly does delete any duplicate address inside an individual contact if the address is an exact duplicate.

I hope this helps, if you have any additional questions or if we can help further, please let us know.

Thanks again!


5 years ago