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David Lung

Above just removing duplicates and merging contact records, why not sync/add LinkedIn contact records that aren't yet in the outlook contacts folder. In other words, if it exists on LinkedIn but not outlook, add it to outlook. This is a painful process for merging and then scrubbing for me. I export from the Outlook social connector, import into outlook contacts folder, and then have to scrub all over again weekly. Ouch!@

(5 years ago) Posted by David Lung on April 9, 2014 at 23:44pm Your Ideas about Scrubly


Hi David,

Thanks for your note about Scrubly and LinkedIn, I really appreciate your feedback.

You're right, Scrubly does not currently pull of your LinkedIn contacts into Outlook directly. We just match the contacts you already have in your contact list with your LinkedIn connections.

We have this feature option on our roadmap, hope to have it out in the coming months.

Thanks again for using Scrubly!

Best regards,


5 years ago