Any official answer for Outlook 64-bit?

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Wayne Hall

I've been a scrubbly user since very early, yet I still cannot use it with outlook 64-bit. Can I get a more recent beta link to try? Also, will you be having an iCloud version available sometime soon?

I have my contact synced between outlook, icloud and gmail. I'd really like to stop having duplicates, which show up especially on my iphone.


(6 years ago) Posted by Wayne Hall on April 22, 2013 at 11:58am Outlook


Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your support note about Scrubly and Outlook 64-bit. Our latest version of Scrubly software for Windows does support Outlook 64-bit.

If you have downloaded the software already, you'll see two shortcuts on your Desktop, one titled Scruby the other Scrubly 64-Bit. Just open the Scrubly 64-bit version and it will work.

If you have not downloaded the latest update, you can either update from Scrubly if already installed or download the latest version by logging into

1) Login in to Scrubly
2) Click on the download tab
3) Click on 'Download Outlook client'

For Outlook, iCloud and Gmail, the best thing to do is to pick the address book that will act as your master list, for example you can chose Outlook Contacts to be your master. Then, copy your contacts from iCloud and Gmail into Outlook and then use Scrubly to clean up this master list.

If you sync Outlook with Gmail and iCloud then once your updated contacts have been cleaned, you can turn on syncing again, one sync service at a time (this is important) and then sync the updates everywhere else. Sync your iPhone last.

The important step is to turn off all syncing while you clean up a master list in Outlook and then once clean, turn on syncing one at a time. It can take an hour or more to complete syncing with iCloud for example so you don't want to turn on the next sync tool until the first is completed.

I hope this helps Wayne, if we can provide any further assistance or if you get stuck, please let us know.



6 years ago

Wayne Hall

Thank you for the tips - I didn't even see the 64bit Outlook icon. After install, it asked if it wanted to run, and I said yes, and then immediately got the error. So perhaps the install can change and try to auto-detect 64-bit and not automatically run the 32-bit version. Or maybe ask.

I ran it, it connected and started the de-dupe of my 6000+ contacts, answered whatever intro questions (ie, name of scrub, which address book(s) to scrub) and immediately received the attached error "internal server error". I tried it twice and it still gives me same error.

What's next?

6 years ago

Wayne Hall

Belay that last problem - I enabled "SSL upload" on the menu option and now it seems to be continuing with the transfer instead of bailing.

I'm curious tho - the documentation says "don't worry, all your contacts are always encrypted, secure and private" but the SSL option was not enabled by default. Shouldn't it be?

6 years ago