Scrub only certain contacts in Mac?

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I have several contact groups on my Mac but I only want Scrubly to scrub the one folder "Exchange". It seems that it's also pulling from subfolders in "On my Mac" which I'd prefer it not do. Any way to prevent this?

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for your note about Scrubly and cleaning up your Mac Contacts. Sorry for the very slow reply to your question.

Mac Contacts uses "Groups" as a way to segment contacts. These look like typical folders, but actually these are just tags being applied to individual contacts. So, unfortunately, we have not built out the solution to only scrub specific Mac Contact Groups. This is on our roadmap.

When Scrubly cleans up your Mac Contacts, it keeps all contact Groups in tact when merging two or more contacts. For example if you have two John Smith's, one with Group "Account" the other with Group "Friend" the newly merged contact keeps both Groups "Account" and "Friend". When you look at this new contact in Mac Contacts, it will appear in both Group folders.

Not sure if this helps you accomplish what you're looking for or not. If you're still stuck, just let us know what you'd like to do and we can help think of a solution to keep contacts differentiated.

Thanks again!


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