How Do I Use the Windows 8 Start Screen?

If you’ve never used Windows 8 before, you’re in for a big surprise. The new Start screen has live tiles that update information automatically. Windows 8 has thrown a lot of people for a loop, so you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at how to use the Start screen. It’s easier than you think.

1. When you first turn on the computer, you are presented with a lock screen.

Windows 8 lock screen

2. Click anywhere on the screen to unlock. Or, if you have a touch screen, slide your finger from bottom to top.

3. Click your username icon and enter your password.

Username icon

4. Once you have logged in, you are presented with the new Windows 8 Start screen.

Windows 8 Start screen

Each tile represents an app or a Windows 8 feature. When you install an application, it will add its own tile to the Start screen. Live tiles are tiles that display updated information such as weather, stocks and social apps.

5. On the far right-hand edge, swipe your finger out from right to left and the following menu appears:

Right-side Windows 8 menu

You have the following options:

Search – Searches your apps.
Share – Share data w/ others.
Start – Returns you to the Start screen.
Devices – Provides you with a list of devices for your computer.
Settings – Adjusts Windows 8 Settings.

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Customize Your Screen

There are several ways to customize your Windows 8 screen.

1. If you are not happy with the default layout, you can move any tile around the screen as you see fit. Simply drag tiles to your desired location.

Dragging a tile on Windows 8 Start screen

2. If you want to resize a specific tile, simply right-click on it and choose Customize.

Customize button

3. Next, select the tile and choose Resize from your available options.

4. If you don’t like certain tiles to be live, you can turn them off by selecting Turn live tile off.

Menu for resizing tiles

5. On your Start screen you can search for more apps and pin them to your Start menu. To do this, right-click on an app and choose Pin to Start. It appears on the Start menu and allows you to type a group name.

Typing a group name for a tile

This is the Windows 8 Start screen in a nutshell. Not too hard to figure out, is it? Let’s now go over these tasks via video.

Scrubly social-sharing menu.

Scrubly sign-up.