How to Text and Drive Safely – No Accidents or Tickets

Come on, admit it: you text and drive. Don’t lie! And I bet you almost crashed once or twice, right?

I have to say that I have done it on multiple occasions – until I found a better way. I use this new method all the time, and my insurance has not gone up due to an accident or ticket. Have I captured your attention?

Texting while driving is the new drunk driving. It’s become a major safety issue that’s being cracked down on more and more – and for good reason. But if you’ve got an iPhone, you can still text behind the wheel without taking any risks.

Let me show you how.

What’s the one big thing that makes it dangerous to text and drive? The typing. You can’t drive safely if your hands and eyes are focused on your phone. So let’s do away with the typing part of it, shall we?

1. Power on your iPhone.
2. Tap Messages.
3. Hold down the microphone button in the bottom right corner and start recording your voice.

Microphone button on iPhone screen

4. Let go of the microphone button when you are finished recording.
5. Tap the Play or Pause button to listen to and pause the recording.
6. Tap the up arrow icon to send the text.

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This is a very handy feature on the iPhone for communicating via text while you’re driving. Now you can “text” on the road to your heart’s content and not worry about getting distracted. No excuses anymore, right?

Check out the video below showing this in action.


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