How to Set Up Dropbox Two-Step Verification

With the cloud becoming more and more prevalent for everyday use, it’s important for you to properly secure your cloud applications. Dropbox has a lot of my most important documents, so I want it to be as secure as possible.

Fortunately, Dropbox allows you to add two-step verification to your account for additional security. Once you enable it, Dropbox will send a 6-digit security code to a mobile device of your choice. You will be required to enter this code in addition to your password whenever you sign in to your account or link your Dropbox to a new device.

Let’s walk through how to configure Dropbox two-step verification.

1. From your toolbar (for this example I’m using a Mac), select the Earth icon to open up Dropbox on the Internet.

Closeup of accessing Dropbox from toolbar, with arrow pointing to Earth icon

2. In the upper right corner of the main Dropbox page, click on your account name and then select Settings.

Closeup of Account drop-down menu in Dropbox website

3. Go to the Security tab, and under “Two-step verification” click the Enable link.

Security tab in Dropbox settings, with arrow pointing to Enable link under Two-step Verification

4. You’ll be prompted with the following message:

Enable two-step verification window in Dropbox

5. Click the Get started button. Enter the password for your Dropbox account and then click Next.

Entering password in Two-step Verification window

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6. Choose one of the following options:
Two-step verification options for text messages or mobile app

7. For the purposes of this tutorial, I chose Use text messages. Click Next and then enter your mobile phone number.

Entering mobile phone number in two-step verification window

8. After you click Next, a security code is sent to your mobile phone.

9. Enter the code you received and then click Next.

Enable two-step verification window with box to enter security code

You have the option to enter a backup mobile phone number as well.

Window for entering optional backup mobile phone number for two-step verification

10. Click Next, and you’re presented with a summary. Click the Enable two-step verification button, and voila! You’re done. Happy secure Dropboxing!

Enable two-step verification button in Dropbox window

Note: If you change your mind, you can always disable two-step verification by going back to the Security tab and clicking the Disable link, as shown below.

Security tab in Dropbox website showing Disable link for Two-step verification

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