How the Apple Watch Could Change Your Workouts

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When Apple announced the Apple Watch, many people celebrated the news. With an expected release date of April 2015, Apple fanatics are already speculating on how the Apple Watch will affect their lives.

Apple’s taken a particular interest in making the Apple Watch a fitness partner for users. With the addition of the Health app to iOS 8, the Watch could be an interesting addition to any fitness junkie’s arsenal.

Of course, Health isn’t the only reason Apple Watch could seriously supplement your workout. Is it a must-have for your workout regimen or not? Below we’ll look at some Apple Watch features that could have a huge impact on the way you exercise.

App Integration With Apple Watch

Apple’s introduction of the Health app in iOS 8 was a welcome addition. What’s even more exciting about Health is the potential for third-party apps. Much as it’s done for developers in its App Store, Apple also announced HealthKit, which will allow developers to integrate their third-party fitness apps with the Health app. In other words, Health could become the main hub for all your fitness data.

Closeup of Runkeeper app icon on iPhone

Many companies, such as RunKeeper, are already onboard. As more companies integrate with Apple Watch, the Health app will be a powerhouse aggregate of your fitness activity across all of your favorite apps. After years of dealing with separate apps and websites to view fitness activity and progress, you can have all this data available right on your wrist.

While it’ll be exciting to see how fitness apps integrate with Apple Watch over time, the device will ship with features that will supplement your workouts like never before.

Apple Watch becomes your personal trainer

Apple wants you to be as active as possible. In fact, it named Apple Watch’s onboard fitness app bluntly: Activity.

The Activity app shows you an easy-to-read graphic of how many calories you’ve burned, how many minutes of exercise you’ve done, and even how long you’ve been stationary every day. Apple Watch won’t simply tell you that you haven’t been moving enough. If you’ve been sitting around watching TV a little too long, it will send you a gentle reminder to encourage you to be more active.

With all its bells and whistles, Apple Watch has one simple goal: to get you up and moving more often. The good news is that your Apple Watch considers any activity above the level of a brisk walk exercise.

The device won’t just remind you that you’re being lazy. Over time Apple Watch will learn about your activity and use that data to create attainable, customized goals for you to achieve.

Each goal will appear on the watch as a ring. As you work toward completing your fitness goals for a particular day, the ring will begin to close. For you runners, the Workout app will alert you once you’ve hit the halfway mark and encourage you to keep going. Once you’ve closed the ring, you’ve completed that goal. (and deserve a very big high-five).

While many features of the Apple Watch are yet to be seen, these out-of-the-box features are enough for fitness fanatics to consider strapping on the device. However, it might not be for everyone. We’ll walk you through some important points to consider when deciding whether to buy an Apple Watch.

The steep price of owning an Apple Watch

Consumers were taken aback by the news that an Apple Watch would cost $349. Of course, Apple Watch is not solely a fitness tracker, but if you’re considering purchasing an Apple Watch specifically to supplement your workouts, the price is fairly steep.

Fitbit with American flag design

Considering that you can currently get a Fitbit or Jawbone for a third of that price, the Apple Watch’s form factor might not be enough to overcome the value of the money saved. For competitors in the fitness space, the price difference serves as an opportunity to innovate or keep up with Apple Watch while their devices are still affordable.

The price probably won’t stop hardcore Apple fans from waiting hours to get their hands on the Apple Watch when it launches, but it’s hard to ignore the dramatic difference in price, especially if the watch’s only value to you is as a fitness tracker.

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Apple Watch won’t track your sleep

Surprisingly, upon its release, Apple Watch will not replace your sleep tracker. Apple’s response to this is even more surprising.

As you sleep, the Apple Watch needs to sleep as well. In other words, Apple didn’t include a sleep tracker because it assumes the battery will need to be recharged every night.

Fitbit sleep tracker screen

While Fitbit users will have a hard time justifying ditching their sleep tracking for the Apple Watch, this is actually a bigger indictment of the assumed battery life of Apple’s device. Many of the other fitness trackers on the market will last for multiple days on a single charge.

While it’s hard to deny the features Apple Watch promises consumers, many people have made their tracking devices a regular part of their lives. If the Apple Watch requires a charge every night, this alone could make the device more restricting than integral to your daily activities.

Find the fitness tracker that suits you best

Ultimately, any consumer’s goal should be simple: Find what works best for you.

The Apple Watch packs a lot of bells and whistles, and, more important, a ton of promise. For many people, the potential for third-party apps to work seamlessly with Apple Watch will be enough to convince them to make the leap. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense for you.

Consider how you’d use the Apple Watch on a daily basis. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing smartwatch, the Apple Watch is a great option. If you’re simply looking for a personal fitness device, it might be best to sit tight for now.

Still, we’re excited about the Apple Watch’s possibilities as a fitness partner. Although Apple products will always come at a premium price, the untapped potential will be difficult to ignore for long.

How would you use an Apple Watch during your workouts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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