5 Inventive Ways to Use Remember The Milk

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Here at Scrubly we’re pretty big fans of Remember The Milk, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways the GTD (Get Things Done) software can help make our lives easier. Sure, the basic function of building a to-do list is great, but thanks to the features built into Remember The Milk you can do so much more.

There’s more to Remember The Milk (RTM) than just, well, remembering the milk when you go to the store. Check out these five clever ways to use Remember The Milk and get your life more organized, one list at a time.

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1. Make Moving Easier

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Moving is one of the more stressful activities we all have to do at one time or another. Taking all of your belongings from one house or apartment to another is tough, but making sure all the preparation is done in the proper order and that everything gets there in one piece can drive you insane.

RTM can help you organize your move and make it a little less stressful. First, create a list called “Move” and keep all the necessary tasks under it to separate them from your daily tasks. Next, create tags for each room in your house: “Kitchen,” “Master Bedroom” and so on. Finally, add the tasks that need doing to your list and give them the relevant room tag. You can even set priorities so tasks are done in the proper order. So, for example, give scrubbing the kitchen floor a higher priority than moving appliances in, since that needs to be done first!

2. Never Let Food Expire

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Nobody likes to waste food, but it’s inevitable: You open your fridge to find something has gone bad and needs to be thrown out. Not only does this waste both food and money, but wanting a nice fresh bowl of fruit only to find half of it all brown and moldy is just sad.

Use Remember The Milk to keep track of when your food expires by setting reminders in a list titled “Food.” Just enter what the food is and its “Best By” date. This works for produce, canned goods, perishables like eggs, cheese and meat – even leftovers. Set a reminder to eat those leftovers in a reasonable amount of time, and you’ll throw away far less food and enjoy what you have.

3. Immediately Record Ideas

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The RTM mobile app is pretty great for keeping track of your to-do items, but you can use it as a quick note-taking tool, too. Record your thought as a note in your inbox. It doesn’t need to be coherent or have the proper tags or due dates assigned to it. Just record it and go.

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You can come back to the idea later, and if it warrants more information, make an additional note about it and assign it a due date. If the idea ends up being a dud, just complete it and move on. By recording your thoughts and ideas quickly like this, you can make sure you never forget or miss the next big idea.

4. Keep Track of Borrowing and Lending

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While remembering to return rented movies is a thing of the past, we all still borrow things from each other, whether it’s a tool from a neighbor or a good book from your friend. Lending to friends and family is just as natural, be it money, electronics, tools… whatever.

Whether you’ve borrowed or lent something, use Remember The Milk to keep track of it. Make a list named “Borrowing and Lending,” and add everything you borrow or lend to it. Make tags for “Borrowed” and “Lent” so you know which direction each thing goes, and set a reminder for the date it should be retrieved or returned.

5. Remember Warranties

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It should be no surprise that most companies are pretty quiet when it comes to a warranty that’s expiring. Unless they want to sell you an extended one, they’re usually happy to let it expire without too much fanfare.

When making a new purchase, enter the end date of your warranty into RTM, in a list titled “Warranties,” and set the reminder at least a month before the expiration. This way, you can check on the exact end date of a warranty, and if you forget you’ll get a reminder far enough in advance to schedule any repairs safely inside the warranty period.

All these tips were adapted from posts on Remember The Milk’s blog. If you’re looking for more RTM tips and tricks, go check it out.

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