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10 Startup Options for Troubleshooting Your Mac

There are more ways to start your Mac than just hitting the power button. Check out these 10 startup options that let you troubleshoot issues in OS X.

7 Common Mac Problems and How to Fix Them

A big selling point of Apple computers is that they “just work.” Most of the time. When they don’t, check out these solutions for some common Mac issues.

How to Troubleshoot Data-Gobbling iPhone Apps

Tired of paying overage fees on your iPhone bill? Here’s how to figure out what apps are eating up all that data on your iPhone and clamp down on them.

Reset the System Management Controller on Your Mac

If you’ve tried everything to fix issues with your Mac and nothing works, you may need to reset the Perimeter Random Access Memory (PRAM) and the System Management Controller (SMC). Here’s how.

Recalibrate Your MacBook’s Battery for Better Performance

If your MacBook’s battery never reaches 100%, the problem might not be with the charger or battery itself, but with how OS X views the battery. Here’s how to fix that.