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5 Simple Tips for Remembering People’s Names

Remembering people’s names is important in many areas in life, yet many of us have a tough time with it. Here are some easy ways to improve your skills.

5 Great Ways to Speed Up Your Old Mac

Are you itching to buy a newer, zippier Mac? Not so fast! Here are some excellent ways to speed up your old Mac and fall in love with it all over again.

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How to (Painlessly) Switch From Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Maybe you’ve been in a digital cave for the last few years. If so, we’ll show you how to easily switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail without losing your stuff.

5 Tips to Get More out of Your iPhone Camera With iOS 8

The iPhone camera has always been a great point-and-shoot device, but with iOS 8 and a few tricks you can make it much more than that. Check ’em out!

How the Apple Watch Could Change Your Workouts

Is the Apple Watch right for you? Here are five features of the new device that could change your exercise routine and justify its hefty price tag.

Make Your iPhone Even Better With These iOS 8 Extensions

By integrating apps with the sharing panel and Notification Center, you can get even more out of your iPhone. Check out these great iOS 8 extensions.

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How to Customize the OS X Yosemite Login Screen

Tired of looking at the same old bland screen when you open your Mac? You can actually make the OS X Yosemite login screen be whatever you want. Here’s how.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Your Mac

Oh, no! You’ve deleted an important file by mistake. Take a deep breath and don’t despair — there are several ways to recover deleted files on your Mac.

How to Effectively Manage iPhone Contacts

Syncing contacts from multiple places with your iPhone is great, but it can also get a bit messy. Here’s how to manage your iPhone contacts more easily.

7 Signs You Need to Clean Up Your Contact List

A lean, organized contact list is key to staying productive. If any of these signs apply to you, you need to clean up your contact list, pronto.