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7 Signs You Need to Clean Up Your Contact List

A lean, organized contact list is key to staying productive. If any of these signs apply to you, you need to clean up your contact list, pronto.

How to Clean Up Your Phone Number Formatting With Scrubly

Phone number formatting — people do it all sorts of ways, which can be a big headache in your contacts list and lead to errors. Scrubly can help fix that.

How to Merge Google Contacts From Multiple Gmail Accounts

Do you have old Gmail accounts you don’t use? We’ll show you how to merge Google contacts from all your accounts into one, and also remove the duplicates.

14 of Our Favorite Apps for Mac, iOS, and the Web in 2014

There were a lot of clever and innovative apps that made a big difference in our digital lives in 2014. Here are our favorite apps of the year.

How to Fix Duplicate Contacts in Outlook for Mac 2011

Ever since OS X Mavericks, it’s been hard to clean up duplicate contacts in Outlook for Mac 2011. Not to worry, though: we’ve found a way for you.

How to Use Scrubly to Delete Duplicate iPhone Contacts

With Scrubly, you can delete duplicate iPhone contacts without syncing to your Outlook, Mac, or Google contacts. Find out how!

How to Manually Import LinkedIn Contacts into Mac Contacts

This tutorial walks shows you how to import your LinkedIn contacts into Mac Address Book. Includes step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

How to Get Rid of Duplicate Gmail Contacts

Detailed tutorial on how to remove duplicate Gmail contacts using Scrubly address book cleanup tool. Includes screenshots and walks you through each step.

Get Rid of Outlook Duplicate Contacts or: How to Install the Scrubly Outlook Client

How to guild for removing duplicate Outlook contacts using Scrubly duplicate contact remover tool. This post walks you through all of the steps involved with cleaning up your contact list.

Big Product Update from Scrubly

In the past few months, we’ve launched some great new features, ramped up our duplicate matching logic and made removing duplicate contacts a whole lot easier.