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Tips to Make the Most of Your Mac Contacts

If you keep your contacts on your Mac, you know they can easily get out of control. Here are some essential tips to keep your Mac contacts in order.

5 Great Ways to Speed Up Your Old Mac

Are you itching to buy a newer, zippier Mac? Not so fast! Here are some excellent ways to speed up your old Mac and fall in love with it all over again.

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How to Set Up and Use Handoff in OS X Yosemite

For seamless continuity between what you do across your Mac and iOS devices, you should really learn how to set up and use Handoff. Here are the easy steps.

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Microsoft Office for Mac 2016: The Free Preview

Microsoft’s Office suite for the Mac is looking a bit outdated. Luckily, Office for Mac 2016 is on the way. Here’s a look at the preview version.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Your Mac

Oh, no! You’ve deleted an important file by mistake. Take a deep breath and don’t despair — there are several ways to recover deleted files on your Mac.

Fix Your Mac Adware Woes With AdwareMedic

Adware is popping up more and more on Macs. If you think your Mac has been infected, a nifty little app called AdwareMedic is here with the cure.

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How to Create an Electronic Signature on Your Mac

Printing, signing and scanning documents is so 2012. If you have a Mac, you already have a way to create an electronic signature. We’ll show you how.


How to Migrate From Outlook for Mac 2011 to Outlook for Mac 2015

If you’re an Office 365 user, you can migrate to the spiffy new Outlook for Mac 2015 in just a few easy steps, and we’ve got ’em for you right here.

Do I Need to Do Any Mac Maintenance?

Macs tend to “just work” — for the most part. But to keep yours running as smoothly as possible, check out these key tips for routine Mac maintenance.


How to Stop Your Mac Ringing When Your iPhone Does

Apple’s Handoff feature is great, but having your computer ring along with your iPhone can be a pain. Here’s how you can easily stop your Mac ringing.