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3 Tips to Save (and Regain) Disk Space in Mac Mail

You may not realize how much space all those emails in your Mac Mail app take up, especially if you have a minimal hard drive. Here’s how to get some back.

How to Use iOS 8 Mail Gestures to Zip Through Your Inbox

If you mostly use your iPhone or iPad to check email, check out these iOS 8 Mail gestures that make clearing your inbox as easy as swiping your finger.

Check Out the Cool New Features of the iOS 8 Mail App

With Apple’s latest mobile OS, sorting your email on your iPhone or iPad has never been easier. Check out these new features in the iOS 8 Mail app.

5 Simple Tricks to Make OS X Mail Better and Faster

OS X Mail is a great email client, but with these tweaks you can make it work even better — and even keep it from slowing down your Mac.

One Easy Inbox Hack That Kills Procrastination

Smart inboxes in your email client are great tools for helping you to fight email procrastination and get things done. The basics are simple.

How To Fix Common Issues In Apple Mail by Rebuilding and Reindexing the Mailbox

Issues with Apple Mail? Try rebuilding and reindexing your mailbox. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this along with screen shots.

The Magic of Apple Smart Mailboxes

If you’re not currently using Apple Mail’s Smart Mailbox feature, they will save you a huge amount of time throughout your day. This post tells you how to set them up and gives you examples to try immediately.

The Quick and Easy Way To Manage Email Distribution Lists On The Mac

How to set up and manage email distribution lists on your Mac using Apple Mail or Outlook 2011. Includes screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

The Easy Way to Setup Apple Mail Rules

This post walks you through the setup for Apple Mail email rules. How to set the rule conditions and actions along with screen shots showing you how to do it. PLUS three great rule examples to give you ideas.

Gmail Setup Tweaks for Apple Mail Perfection

There are a few tweaks you can apply to both Gmail and Apple Mail to get them working together as deliciously as peanut butter and jelly but with 100% less napkins needed. It’s not hard to do as long as you know where to look. This article will show you how to make that happen.