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5 Tips to Get More out of Your iPhone Camera With iOS 8

The iPhone camera has always been a great point-and-shoot device, but with iOS 8 and a few tricks you can make it much more than that. Check ’em out!

How to Set Up and Use Handoff in OS X Yosemite

For seamless continuity between what you do across your Mac and iOS devices, you should really learn how to set up and use Handoff. Here are the easy steps.

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Make Your iPhone Even Better With These iOS 8 Extensions

By integrating apps with the sharing panel and Notification Center, you can get even more out of your iPhone. Check out these great iOS 8 extensions.

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How to Add a Google Apps Account to Your iPhone or iPad

Regular Google accounts on your iOS device are fine, but they have some drawbacks. Using your Google Apps account instead provides a much better experience.

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5 New Features of Outlook for iOS You Didn’t Know About

The Mail app in iOS is great, but several new features in Microsoft’s updated Outlook for iOS just may have it beat when it comes to iPhone productivity.

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How to Turn On Text Message Forwarding on Mac & iPad

Thanks to Apple’s new text message forwarding, you don’t have to be on your iPhone to get and send Android/SMS-based texts. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Effectively Manage iPhone Contacts

Syncing contacts from multiple places with your iPhone is great, but it can also get a bit messy. Here’s how to manage your iPhone contacts more easily.

5 New iOS 8 Features That Improve Your Productivity

Some of the great things about the iPhone 6 aren’t in the hardware but right in iOS 8. Check out these iOS 8 features that help you get more done.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts With Your iPhone

We’ll show you how to sync Facebook contacts with your iPhone, as well as how to avoid duplicate contacts and other common pitfalls this involves.

Tips to Simplify Your Switch From Android to iPhone

Nervous about whether your switch from Android to iPhone will preserve all of your precious data? Don’t sweat it — these tips have got you covered.