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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Duplicates are a big drag. That’s why you should take a look at the various ways, paid and free, to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

5 Tricky Ways to Automate iOS Contacts Using IFTTT

Check out these five great ways to automate and streamline your iOS contacts with the online automation service If This Then That (IFTTT).

How to Set Up and Use IFTTT on Your iPhone

Love how IFTTT automates your digital life? Now an iPhone version lets you automate things even more, while you’re on the go. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Link Duplicate iPhone Contacts

Here’s how to fix duplicate contacts on your iPhone by linking them together so they show as a single unified contact listing.

How to Use Siri to Add Tasks to Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk can work with Siri, allowing you to bypass the iOS Reminders app and use one of the best to-do list apps out there. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Send Directions to Your iPhone or iPad From a Mac

Want to look up directions on your Mac and then send them to your iCloud-connected iOS device? Here are the simple steps to do it.

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