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7 iOS 7 Calendar Tricks You’ll Love (Especially Number 1)

Not entirely satisfied with iOS 7 Calendar? Try these simple tricks to make it work more the way you want it. The first one might just make you go, “Whoa!”

7 Pro Tips for Using Maps on OS X and iOS

Apple’s Maps app is designed to work seamlessly between iOS and OS X Mavericks. Check out these cool things you can do on both your Mac and your iPhone.

7 New Tips to Make iOS 7.1 Easier to See and Use

Complaints about the brightness and lack of visibility in iOS 7 have been addressed in iOS 7.1, which has many settings to make things easier to see.

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How to Troubleshoot Data-Gobbling iPhone Apps

Tired of paying overage fees on your iPhone bill? Here’s how to figure out what apps are eating up all that data on your iPhone and clamp down on them.

Optimize Your iPhone’s Email Settings to Get the Most Battery Life

Check out the tips below on email-fetching for iOS 7 to make sure you get the emails you need while saving as much battery life as possible.

Top 5 New Siri Features in iOS 7

Whether you talk to your iPhone regularly or not, check out these new Siri commands in iOS 7 that you may want to take advantage of.

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How to Fix the Top 5 Annoyances in iOS 7

Follow these easy steps to get rid of the major annoyances in iOS 7 and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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How to Use Apple AirDrop in iOS 7

Sharing from your iPhone got a lot simpler once AirDrop became part of iOS. AirDrop allows you to share pictures, contacts, and more between iPhones (5 and up).


How to Quickly Search for a Contact on iPhone with iOS 7

This tutorial shows you how to easily search for a contact on your iPhone using iOS 7. Screen shots show you how.


How to Close Apps and Multitask in iOS 7 [Video]

This post shows you how to close apps and manage the new multi-tasking interface in iOS 7 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Includes a demo video!