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How to Sync Facebook Contacts With Your iPhone

We’ll show you how to sync Facebook contacts with your iPhone, as well as how to avoid duplicate contacts and other common pitfalls this involves.

5 Social Media Privacy Tips for Twitter and Facebook

Sharing things online is great, but it can also raise serious security concerns. These social media privacy tips will help keep you sharing safely.

The Complete Social Media Maintenance Guide

Keeping all your social media accounts updated is getting more and more complicated. We’ve made it simpler with these social media maintenance tips.

Completely Overhaul Facebook With One Awesome Plugin

Do you use Facebook every day but hate some of its design and functionality? Check out how the Social Fixer plugin can help you change all that.

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Export Your Facebook Contacts to Gmail

Exporting Facebook contacts to Gmail is a relatively simple process — when you use the right tool. The best one is called Friends to Gmail and Google+.

De-Stress Your Social Media Life: Facebook

Follow these tips for de-stressing your Facebook experience so you can spend less time on it while still getting all the social connection you need.

Remember Social Media Moments With IFTTT and Evernote

Here’s how to use Evernote and Web service If This Then That (IFTTT) to save your favorite social media moments from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How To Add Contacts in Windows 8

How to add and manage contacts in Windows 8 and connect your social networks Facebook and Twitter. Screen shots and step by step instructions.

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How to Create a Compelling Apple Mail Email Signature

How to create an Apple Mail email signature that stands out. Includes the information to provide along with social media icons to use.

How to Add Facebook and Twitter Contacts to your Apple Address Book

This tutorial walks you through the steps to connect and integrate Facebook and Twitter into Mac Address Book Contacts in Mountain Lion.