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How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts Using Gmail

Losing track of all those different accounts? You can use one Gmail account to manage multiple email accounts more easily. We’ll show how you how!

Inbox Management: Steps to Stop Drowning in Your Emails

Barely keeping your head above water when it comes to inbox management? We’ve got a life preserver for you with these simple, powerful ways to stay afloat.

Yesware Puts the Magic Into Email Tracking

Just what happens after you send those sales and marketing emails? Wonder no longer — Yesware is an email tracking app that gives you all the answers.

How to Consolidate Email Accounts Into Gmail

Keeping track of all your different email addresses can be a big headache. Why not consolidate email accounts into Gmail and make your life simpler?

How to Email Into Evernote to Kick Your Inbox’s Tail

Organizing your inbox and finding important emails can be a pain. But when you send email into Evernote, things become a lot easier. Find out how to do it.

Use Gmail Filters to Conquer Mailing Lists and Junk Mail

Getting overwhelmed with managing your mailing lists and junk mail? These little-known Gmail filters will help you get them under control.

How Does Tim Ferriss, the King of Productivity, Handle His Email?

Author, chef, kickboxer, entrepreneur. Timothy Ferriss gets a lot of email. How does he manage it? Check twice a day, create rules, plus 3 other tips.

10 Reasons Why Email Should Be Like Men’s Underwear

It should be brief, it should have lots of white space, it should be shared only when necessary and seven other tips to keep in mind.

Organizing Email With Evernote

Evernote is a more than just a note-taking app. In fact, the software is really an amazing tool for organizing your email. And it’s free (mostly).

You’re Spending 2 Hours a Day on Email; 5 Ways to Get the Time Back

Spending that long on email is insane. It kills productivity, kills joy. Fortunately, there are some research-backed guidelines that can help.