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How the Apple Watch Could Change Your Workouts

Is the Apple Watch right for you? Here are five features of the new device that could change your exercise routine and justify its hefty price tag.

Make Your iPhone Even Better With These iOS 8 Extensions

By integrating apps with the sharing panel and Notification Center, you can get even more out of your iPhone. Check out these great iOS 8 extensions.

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5 Inventive Ways to Use Remember The Milk

We love RTM for being far more than just a simple to-do-list app. Check out these creative ways you can use Remember The Milk to stay more organized.

How to Handle (and Maybe Recover) a Lost or Stolen iPhone

Before you face a lost or stolen iPhone, there are some key steps you can take to protect the data on it — and possibly even help get your phone back.

Fix Your Mac Adware Woes With AdwareMedic

Adware is popping up more and more on Macs. If you think your Mac has been infected, a nifty little app called AdwareMedic is here with the cure.

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Yesware Puts the Magic Into Email Tracking

Just what happens after you send those sales and marketing emails? Wonder no longer — Yesware is an email tracking app that gives you all the answers.

14 of Our Favorite Apps for Mac, iOS, and the Web in 2014

There were a lot of clever and innovative apps that made a big difference in our digital lives in 2014. Here are our favorite apps of the year.

How to Use the Caffeine App for Mac OS X

This nifty little app keeps your Mac screen from dimming when you need it bright, such as during a presentation. Check out how to use the Caffeine app here.

How to Use Flyover With Apple Maps on iOS 8

Apple Maps just got even better with the new Apple Maps Flyover feature in iOS 8, which gives you a 3-D, interactive aerial tour of major cities. See how it works!

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How to Change Up the iOS 8 Sharing Panel

With its latest version of iOS, Apple is finally letting you customize. Here’s how you can modify the iOS 8 sharing panel to suit your preferences.

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