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Facebook is amazing social tool that has become an integral part of life for hundreds of millions of people. But as parts of Facebook are upgraded, changed, and added, the interface has evolved from the simple, bare-bones design of its early days into a complex one with multiple columns and visual items that few people really like.

There’s a way to fix Facebook’s design and functionality issues and make it work exactly the way you like, and the answer is Social Fixer. With this plugin you can change how images are displayed, hide the chat sidebar, and even filter out content you don’t like.

Sound good? Here’s how to install and use Social Fixer for Facebook.

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Note: Social Fixer is a plugin for your Web browser. The changes to the display will only work in the browser on which you have the plugin installed. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This tutorial will be done using Google Chrome.

Installing Social Fixer

Using Google Chrome, go to and click the Install Now button. You’ll be directed to a Download NOW! button. Click this button to continue.

Social Fixer for Chrome download page

This will take you to the plugin store for your specific browser. In Chrome, click the FREE button to install the plugin. No restart of your browser is necessary.

Free button to download Social Fixer in Chrome

Now you can head over to Facebook to complete the setup process.

How to Set Up Social Fixer for Facebook

When you get back over to Facebook you should see a pop-up in the upper left corner. This pop-up will walk you through the seven steps to set up Social Fixer. Here you’ll be able to set basic features like removing the chat sidebar, showing images with hover-over, and basic tab setup.

Once you walk through the setup process you should notice a new button in the Facebook toolbar. The first time you see it, there should be a highlight over it that says “Change Social Fixer options” and looks like a wrench. Click on this to continue.

Social Fixer Setup Wizard box

Social Fixer Settings

This is where you start dialing in Social Fixer to be exactly what you want. Click Social Fixer Options and you’ll be presented with a half-screen of checkboxes. This can be kind of imposing at first, but don’t let that bother you.

The first tab is the most popular settings. These are mostly what you went through in the basic setup. You can make any changes to these and continue on.

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The first major area that Social Fixer works with is display. You can change basic layout options and tailor the look to what you need. Click sidebar items to move through the different areas of Social Fixer, but before you head away from the layout and basic display sections, here are a few of the best options to turn on or off.

Social Fixer Layout tab

Layout Tab

Show Other Messages – If someone you’re not friends with tries to message you on Facebook, their message will go to the “Other” folder, where you probably haven’t ever looked. Turn the Expand Messages to… option ON to always see these messages.

Hide Annoying Items – Do you hate game notifications and the Friends ticker in the sidebar? Turn these options ON in Social Fixer to hide them both.

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Theme Tab

Wouldn’t it be nice if Facebook weren’t so stark white? Click the Themes tab and choose a new color theme. The Dark Facebook theme seems to make everything look a lot more relaxed.


Display isn’t the only issue with Facebook. Instead of letting Facebook decide what you see and don’t see, why not let Social Fixer help you see everything you want and none of the annoying posts you don’t?

Posts Tab

This is one of Social Fixer’s best features. Here you can tell Facebook what posts you do and don’t want to see. Want to see the exact time of a post? How about stopping comment threads from collapsing all the time? This is where you can do it all.

Social Fixer Posts tab

Add Mute Button – Want to mute a specific post? Check the Post Actions Icons box so it’s ON, and make sure the Mute option is also on.

Expand Comments – Instead of letting Facebook hide earlier comments, check the Auto-expand collapsed… box to always see the comments.

Hashtags Tab

Hashtags are pretty new to Facebook, but on this tab you can alter how they look in posts. You can choose to make them stand out more or fade into the background. It all depends on how you use them.

Post Filtering

The final section we’ll cover in this post is the Filtering tab. You can use advanced filtering to see exactly what you want and hide the rest. Click on the Filtering tab to see the filter options. This one takes a little getting used to, but once you set up the filters exactly how you want, Facebook becomes far less annoying and a lot more useful.

Take some time in this tab and set it up how you want. Social Fixer’s documentation on this feature can be found here.

Enjoy Facebook More

Facebook can be an amazing way to advance your business as well as keep in touch with friends and family across the country. Use Social Fixer to change up some settings and make your experience of Facebook better than ever before. You’ll waste less time and hopefully spend more time getting stuff done than looking at Facebook.

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