Spotify Tips to Enhance Your Music – and More

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Music is one of the most useful tools for being productive. By putting on the right type of music you can gain focus, relax your mind for a break, or get energized for an all-nighter.

This is why services like Spotify are so great. They allow you to stream a nearly endless supply of music to your computer or phone so you can always find the perfect music for whatever work you’re doing.

Spotify is far more than just a place to stream music from, though. It has a lot more going on under the hood, with features that exceed just about anyone’s needs. Check out the tips below and start getting the most for your money with Spotify.

Note: Some of the features below require a premium Spotify account to work properly.

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Import Your Own Music

Spotify has an impressive music library, but it doesn’t have everything. If you’re looking for, say, the Beatles, you’d be out of luck. Instead of having to use a second music app to get your non-Spotify music, you can actually import your music into Spotify so you have a one-stop shop for all your music needs.

Your Music section of Spotify

Under the “Your Music” section, click on Local Files to see everything that’s on your computer. Right-click on any files to add them to a playlist or just listen to them right here.

Follow Your Friends

Everything’s better with friends, right? Since Spotify relies on Facebook for login and verification, it’s easy to find your Facebook friends and follow their listening activity on Spotify.

Spotify Who to Follow Sidebar

By default, you should see a sidebar on the right side of the Spotify window that shows all your friends as well as suggestions of people to follow. If you don’t see the sidebar, just click on the View menu and then make sure Activity Feed is checked.

The friend feed is perfect for finding something new to listen to, or just seeing what music your friends really like.

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To Share or Not to Share

Speaking of the friend feed, having everything you listen to broadcast to your friends can at times be a little… telling. If you want to listen to a guilty pleasure that you don’t want to admit to, or if you’re just in the mood to listen to sappy songs without your friends asking you what’s wrong, you can go into Private mode and not share what you’re playing.

Just click on the Spotify menu and select Private Mode to go incognito and hide your listening activity.

Advanced Search

Google isn’t the only place you can do advanced searches. Spotify has some pretty useful search methods, too.

Spotify Advanced Search screen

You can use search modifiers to refine your results and get exactly what you’re looking for the first time. For example, you can type “They Might Be Giants year:1999” (without the quotes) to see everything from the band that came out in 1999.

You can use just about any modifier you can think of, including Boolean operators. For example, you could say “genre: rock NOT nickelback” to make sure you can see all the rock that Spotify has without tainting the results with less-than-stellar bands. (Sorry to any Nickelback fans out there. Sort of.)

Listen Without the App

While the desktop apps for Spotify are pretty great, there are times when you’re not at home but you still want to listen to your account.

Spotify Browse screen

Just go to and log in to your account. Now you’ll have a tuned-down version of the desktop app, but it’s still more than enough to enjoy the service no matter where you are.

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Get Your Laugh On

Did you know Spotify has more than just music? If comedy is your thing, you can listen to thousands of hours of stand-up comedy the same way you get your music.

Spotify comedy search results

Search for “comedy” in the search bar, or just browse the genres to get some pretty funny albums right on your desktop.

Learn a Language

Speaking of things that aren’t music, you can actually learn a language right from inside of the Spotify app. There are Spotify-curated playlists with audio programs in them that help you learn anything from Spanish to Russian. Just search for the word “language” and see what comes up!

There’s also the Listen Language App, which you can install inside of Spotify to get even more organized results.

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