How Top Writers Are Using Office 365 to Stay in the Zone

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Once a thorn in the side of iPhone and iPad, Office 365 has suddenly become a robust (and free) option for writers on the go. Office 365 users can now create and edit documents in the free version of the product, which has made many people take notice.

With writers working on the go more than many other professionals, the possibilities for even the free version of Office 365 are endless. Let’s look at how some of the top writers can (and do) stay on top of their projects using Office 365.

Make your deadlines with Outlook for iPhone

Most of the top writers have run into one common problem when trying to meet a deadline: If they’re not by a computer when a project is due, it can be extremely difficult to even forward an attachment. With crowded calendars tugging writers in hundreds of directions, sometimes it’s impossible for them to send a piece in to an editor right from their desk.

We’ve discussed this before, but Outlook for iPhone has become a savior for writers everywhere.

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With Outlook’s compatibility with Dropbox, you can easily attach any document you’ve saved to the cloud and send it to an editor in an instant. Of course, you’ll need to get into the habit of saving all your work to Dropbox, if you’re not already doing so (to make it easier to remember, Office 365’s save functionality is exclusive to Dropbox).

Once you get into the habit, you’ll soon find that you have easy access to all of your work from your iPhone. You’ll also never miss a deadline again, and thank heavens for that.

Get feedback in Office 365 instantly

Even the best writers need feedback to produce top-quality work. Typically, writers will email documents back and forth, relying on comments in Track Changes to guide them to their next great piece. However, taking a page from Google Docs, Office 365 has built-in functionality to allow you to collaborate instantly.

Microsoft Word document with Track Changes comments

With Office 365 you can give permissions to other writers on any document you like. This allows other writers to instantaneously make edits to a document, add Track Changes and provide status updates on a project. This means you’ll get feedback on your work faster than ever. Even better, your entire team can work on the same document at the same time, all from different devices.

Of course, Google Docs advocates will trumpet what we mentioned before: This feature has existed on Google Docs for years. But with the added benefit of collaborating in real time on a Word document, some of the top writers have quickly moved their work over to Office 365. While Google Docs does allow you to convert a piece to a Word document, with Office 365 that’s one fewer step you need to take to ensure your best work is seen exactly how it was meant to be seen.

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Edit Office 365 documents anywhere

In the past, writers used to brag about how they never left home without a laptop. Inspiration can strike at any moment, and writers wanted to be able to capture their ideas ASAP. While Office 365 lent itself to this function in the past, now the entire suite of applications, including Word, works not only on your laptop but also on your iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

Microsoft Office 365 welcome screen on smartphone

With recent updates to Office 365, writers on the go can edit any document anytime, anywhere. Editors are also prone to being inspired at any time, which use to put writers in a bind. But with Word’s increased functionality on smartphones, you can respond and make those edits wherever you are. Even better, if you have an Office 365 subscription you can install the entire Office suite onto five devices.

Top writers have already taken advantage of this feature. Now the only the only real battle they have is knowing when to put their work down!

Be more organized than ever in Office 365

Most of the top writers have made this mistake at least once in their careers: They didn’t save their work! Many people know the horrors of spending long hours working on a piece, only to mistakenly close the window without saving their work. Many desks have had this frustration taken out on them, and on behalf of writers everywhere, we’d like to apologize.

Microsoft Word document in Office 365

The top writers have moved over to Office 365 for one reason: When working on a document online, all work is saved automatically.

Of course, this alleviates a lot of the stress associated with not saving your work. Writers are beginning to appreciate how productive they can be in Office 365 when they don’t have to remember to save their work periodically.

Final thoughts

Office 365 offers a number of features that benefit top writers. Some of these features might even prevent you from losing hours of hard work. However, keep in mind that to get access to a number of these features, plans for Office 365 start at $5.99 a month.

For writers everywhere, this is a nominal cost. The features we discussed here are some of the best for keeping writers in the zone, but we’d love to know how you’ve used Office 365 in your work. Let us know in the comments section below!

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