Dropbox Adds a New Productivity Mail App: Mailbox

Dropbox has introduced a new mail app (through acquisition of Mailbox) that leverages inbox zero. Just for downloading the app and trying it, Dropbox will give you an additional 1 GB of free space.

I recently downloaded this app and I LOVE it. It has quickly become my replacement for mail on my iPhone and iPad. Try it out and you just might love it, too.

On your iPhone or iPad, tap App Store and search for Mailbox. Download the app as shown below.

Downloading Mailbox from App Store

Once your download is complete, you can add your applicable account. Dropbox Mailbox supports the following:

  • Gmail
  • iCloud
  • Yahoo Mail

Mailbox welcome window

Let’s go over how to configure an iCloud account. Select iCloud as shown below.

Add Account menu

Enter your iCloud email and password and click Done.

When the account is verified, click Done to confirm.

Mailbox welcome window with five zones

Aside from the inbox for new mail, Mailbox comes with 4 zones, based on what you want to do with an email. They are as follows:

  • Swipe Right to Archive
  • Long Swipe Right to Trash
  • Swipe Left for Later
  • Long Swipe Left to Lists

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Let’s take a closer look at how each of these zones works.

Swipe Right to Archive

When looking at your mail, perform a swipe to the right to automatically add it to your archive folder for later viewing, as shown below.

Swipe Right to Archive illustration

Long Swipe Right to Trash

When you find an email you want to delete, perform a long swipe to the right and the color changes to orange to indicate you are sending it to the trash.

Long Swipe Right to Trash illustration

Swipe Left for Later

Swipe left to “snooze” an email and choose a time you want to revisit the email. That’s the time the email comes back to your inbox. Just like that alarm on your bedside clock buzzes again.

Swipe Left for Later illustration

Long Swipe Left to Lists

Perform a long swipe left and choose what list you want to store your email in: Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc. This is great for quickly running through your emails and tagging them appropriately.

Long Swipe Left to Lists illustration

Now that you know the basics, play around with Mailbox and the inbox zero method. You’ll be surprised how quickly your email productivity increases!

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