5 Ways to Use Remember The Milk to Make Your Life Better

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Remembering things is hard.

While there are many “To Do” apps that make remembering easier, few of them have the flexibility of Remember The Milk (RTM). You can have multiple lists and due dates, and even tag list items so you see only the to-do items you want. Since RTM has the ability to work exactly how you want it to, you can do far more with it than a basic “To-Do List” app ever could.

Not familiar with Remember The Milk? Check out our guide to getting started with Remember The Milk. Once you’re up to speed, try out these five uses for the application that make more than just your to-do list easier to complete.

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1. Keep Food Waste to a Minimum

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Chances are you’ve shopped for food before, and chances are you’ve probably let some of that food go bad. Don’t you hate when you’re in the middle of making a dish and you find out one of the ingredients you thought you had is actually expired and should’ve been replaced long ago?

With Remember The Milk you never have to worry about this again. All you have to do is create a new list in RTM named Food and add food items to it as you put them away at home. Set their due date as the food’s expiration date. Now you have a warning system that tells you when it’s time to use it or lose it.

Tip: Not sure how to figure out the expiration date of items like fruits, vegetables, or nuts? Check out StillTasty.com to get recommendations on expiration dates for these types of foods.

2. Never Miss a Bill Again

Being late with a bill is a big deal. Not only can it affect your credit score, but you can lose out on promotional rates and incur hefty fees, all because you simply forgot about it.

Thanks to Remember The Milk, you can remember every bill and never worry about fees and credit scores again.

Start off by adding a new list named Bills to your RTM. Next, set up a new task named after each bill and set the due date for the date the bill is due. Set the task to repeat monthly and add important information into the notes section including payment amount and, if possible, the Web address where you can pay it. Tag each bill you add with a tag named bills and you’re all set.

Now you need to create a custom search to show bills that are due in the next week. Click Show search options in the upper right corner of the window (under the search bar) and set up your search to look like this:

Remember The Milk custom search fields

When done, click Search Tasks. You should now see a list of all bills you’ve entered into RTM that are due in the next week.

The final step is to save this list. In the box to the right of the RTM window click the Save tab. Name the list Bills Due This Week and click Save. Now you can view your bills due in the next week by clicking the tab you just saved.

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3. Track Warranties Easily

Nobody remembers warranty information when everything is working. But as soon as something breaks it becomes a mad dash to find receipts and do some mental math to see if you’re still covered.

Instead of this, let Remember The Milk handle your warranties for you. Better yet, you can use RTM to remember when an item can be returned in case it isn’t quite what you want.

First, when you get home from shopping, take the receipt and pay attention to the return policy usually printed on it. Next, check out the product you’ve purchased and find the warranty information on it. Most return policies are around 30 days, and many warranties range from 3 months to a year. We’ll be creating a task for each of these.

You’ll need to create a new list titled Purchases and two tags named returns and warranty. With these in place, add your tasks by the name of the product and set the expiration of each task as the expiration of the warranty and return period.

Finally, use the search method outlined above in #2. Now you’ll be able to see items that only have a week left to return, and whatever timeframe you choose for warranties.

4. Manage Household Chores

Nobody likes doing household chores, which is why many fall by the wayside until they become visibly necessary. You can use Remember The Milk to keep track of these chores so they show up on the schedule you set and help push you to get them done.

First, add a new list titled Chores and add all your household tasks to it. Start by adding your chores and have them repeat whenever necessary. For example, set tasks like laundry and changing bedding to be weekly and cleaning windows to every other week or once a month.

You can take things one step further and create tags for special occasions, then store tasks under that tag that need to be done only when those events happen. For example, create a tag for overnight guests as ovntguest and tag those items that need doing whenever someone is staying the night, such as “Wash guest room bedding” and “Clean guest bathroom.” You can create tags like this for holiday parties, game night, or even date night. Use the search outlined in #2 above and you can easily see these items however you want them to show up.

5. Create Good, Meaningful Habits

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It doesn’t take a lot to create a good habit and eliminate bad ones. In fact, one minute per day can make a massive change and make something a new habit for you. It’s easy to read a list of habits you should adopt today and even try out email habits that can save your sanity, but what most people need is something to drive them to the point where actions become habits in their minds.

Remember The Milk can help you achieve goals like exercising, eating a healthy breakfast, or even sending a happy email to a friend or family member each day.

Make a new list in RTM and name it Habits. Add a new task to that list for whatever habit you want to form and start each habit with Habit: to distinguish it from everything else.

For example, make a new task named “Habit: Drink a glass of water when I wake up.” Set the task to repeat daily, and now you can start your day with something good and knock a task off your list first thing.

Start with one or two small habits and add new ones as you master these. Once a task has become a habit, you can remove it from Remember The Milk to make way for new habits in waiting.


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