Scrubly Now Updates Your Contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

We’ve just released Social Contact Update, a great new feature added to Scrubly.  You can now update your Outlook, Mac and Google contacts with your friend’s latest Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contact information. Scrubly imports photo, birthday, company, job title, websites and more and adds this information to your address book. With Scrubly, you can now import all of the rich contact information that exists on your social network to enhance and update your contact list.

Scrubly - Social Contact Update Field List

Scrubly Social Contact Update Settings

Control Exactly Which Contact Information You Want to Update

Scrubly gives you complete control over the data you wish to import from your social network. Individually select the fields you would like to sync. You can also control which fields overwrite existing information that may already exist in your contacts. This level of control is helpful in the case where you would like to overwrite all of your existing contact photos imported from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but keep all the other existing information. You can turn on or off Overwrite so that any current information in your address book will be either overwritten or maintained.

Scrubly does not import all of your social network contacts. It only updates the existing contacts you already have inside your address book. We purposely limited the update to only those contacts that already exist in your address book. So many of your social network connections are people you only interact with online, but are not central to your daily life. Adding hundreds of new contacts to your contact list in most cases doesn’t make sense. We’d love your feedback on this.

Scrubly Social Sync Settings

We hope you like this new feature update. Give it a try starting with Express Scrub. Even if you are not already a Scrubly Premium subscriber, you can test it out and see the results online before upgrading to Premium. We’d love to get your feedback!


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