Big Product Update from Scrubly

We’ve been hard at work!

In the past few months, we’ve launched some great new features, ramped up our duplicate matching logic and made removing duplicate contacts a whole lot easier. In case you missed some of our recent updates, here’s a recap of our most exciting announcements:

Save time with Express Scrub or go deep with Deep Scrub.

Let’s face it, removing duplicate contacts is a hassle, and even with Scrubly, to do a thorough job we need a bit of your help to get it done. For those who are a bit cramped for time, or generally impatient, and just want to get the most obvious duplicate contacts removed in a single click, we now offer the option of Express Scrub. For customers who want to take the time to really go deep and get all your contacts in perfect shape, you can choose our Deep Scrub option. Scrubly Express Scrub and Deep Scrub

Exchange Server Support for Mac.

This is a big one! Scrubly now supports cleanup of Exchange Server contacts for Mac. This is great news for our Mac users running in an Exchange environment. Just update to the latest Scrubly Mac client and we’ll automatically detect the Exchange server folders inside your Mac Address Book. After scrubbing, your updated contacts will automatically push to Exchange.
Remove Duplicate Contacts Exchange for Mac

Upload Once and Re-Scrub As Often as You Like.

We’ve added a new easy re-scrub option to the Dashboard that allows you to quickly scrub your previously uploaded contacts again. If you’re in a hurry, quickly clean up your contacts with Express Scrub and then come back later when you have more time to run a Deep Scrub.
Scrubly Re-Scrub Option

Completely Re-Designed Conflicts Interface.

Sometimes Scrubly can’t make all the decisions for you automatically, only you know the answers to some of the duplicate conflicts Scrubly finds. Now with our new Conflicts Interface, making quick decisions to create a final clean contact just got a whole lot easier.
Scrubly Conflicts Resolution Screen

Delete Duplicates Inside Individual Contacts.

We’ve added a final step in the cleanup process we call Shining Contacts. This last step will remove duplicate data inside each individual contact. For example, if you have three of the same phone number listed as Work, we’ll now automatically remove these duplicate phone numbers for you. Shining Contacts works to remove duplicate phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses inside each individual contact.
Scrubly Shining Contacts Groups

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Thank you so much for your support for Scrubly!


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