How to Customize the OS X Yosemite Login Screen

Mac laptop with headphones and eyeglasses on a desk, with superimposed OS X icons

You should be very familiar with the OS X login screen. If you’re smart you have automatic login turned off and a password set to come on when your screen saver kicks in. Keeping your Mac safe behind a password is important not only so your coworkers don’t snoop on your Mac, but to make sure your sensitive data stays private in case your Mac is stolen.

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In short, you should see your Mac’s login screen pretty often. While you make the rest of your Mac look exactly how you like, you’re stuck with the same bland login screen. While in OS X Yosemite it’s better than in previous versions, it’s still just a blurry, semi-transparent view of your desktop.

OS X Yosemite login screen with basic purple background

It’s actually pretty easy to change this to be whatever you want. Check out the steps below to customize the OS X Yosemite login screen.
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5 New Features of Outlook for iOS You Didn’t Know About

Microsoft marketing photo and graphic of Outlook on iPhone

Microsoft recently rolled out new features in its Outlook for iOS app, and many iPhone and iPad users have taken notice. Based on the rave reviews in the App Store, it’s clear that a large number of users have made it their primary email application.

While the Mail app in iOS is a powerhouse in its own right, the updates to Outlook for iOS are extensive. Here are five new features that could make iPhone and iPad users rethink the way they email.
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How to Recover Deleted Files on Your Mac

Empty garbage and recycling bins in a parking lot

It’s a common mistake: You’ve accidentally deleted an important file that should never have gone to the Trash. If you’re like most of us who have done this, you’ve gone through the seven stages of grief multiple times. Don’t get too upset just yet, though: All is not necessarily lost.

We’ll walk you through a number of ways you can (possibly) recover deleted files on your Mac. Some of these are surprisingly simple, so buckle up and get ready to retrieve your most precious files!
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How to Turn On Text Message Forwarding on Mac & iPad

mac_receive_sms resized

Before the release of iOS 8, you didn’t have the ability to send Android- or SMS-based text messages from your Mac. You could only send and receive Apple iMessage or iPhone-based texts.

Now that iOS 8 is here, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to texting, thanks to the closer integration with OS X. With Apple’s text message forwarding you can set up your Apple computers and even your iPad to send and receive Android/SMS-based text messages.

Want to give it a try? Power on your iPhone and follow the simple steps below.
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How to Effectively Manage iPhone Contacts

iPhone contact icon with anonymous person silhouette

Your iPhone can sync contacts from multiple sources, giving you complete control over every important listing you have. While in theory this sounds great, in reality it often makes for a real headache.

Even if you’re only syncing contacts from a single source, you can still run into issues involving duplicates or missing data, especially if you’re using a non-iCloud account as your main repository.

With all the power built into the iOS Contacts app, making your contacts shine is actually pretty easy. Check out the tips below on how to manage iPhone contacts.
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7 Signs You Need to Clean Up Your Contact List

Address book with corrections and additions scribbled all over the pages

Contact lists are the lifeblood of most professionals. The old adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is even truer today. Gone are the days of handwritten phone numbers and collections of business cards. From address books in Outlook and OS X to those in Gmail and Google Apps, the contact list is now king.

When working well, they’re a seamless part of your workflow. Great as they are, though, even digital contact lists are bound to get messy, with duplicate contacts, junk contacts, and incomplete information. When these warning signs pop up, you need to take action so your list doesn’t get too unwieldy.

Check out these seven signs that you need to clean up your contact list and see if any of them apply to you. If even one does, it’s time to get your contact list into shape and working again, and Scrubly is here to help. Try Scrubly for free by clicking here.
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5 New iOS 8 Features That Improve Your Productivity

iPhone sitting on table next to MacBook laptop

You might assume that most of the upgrades on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are under the hood. Apple promised a faster processor, improved camera and – long overdue for some people – a larger display.

However, some features in iOS 8 not only are an upgrade over previous versions but also make you more productive without having to download additional apps. Here are a few new iOS 8 features you might not know about that will ultimately make your life a lot easier.
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5 Inventive Ways to Use Remember The Milk

Vintage cardboard circles reading Pure Fresh Milk

Here at Scrubly we’re pretty big fans of Remember The Milk, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways the GTD (Get Things Done) software can help make our lives easier. Sure, the basic function of building a to-do list is great, but thanks to the features built into Remember The Milk you can do so much more.

There’s more to Remember The Milk (RTM) than just, well, remembering the milk when you go to the store. Check out these five clever ways to use Remember The Milk and get your life more organized, one list at a time.
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How to Sync Facebook Contacts With Your iPhone

Library card catalog cabinets

Facebook users have the option of syncing all their friends’ contact information with their iPhones. Although many iPhone users have taken advantage of this functionality, it’s certainly not perfect.

There are still a lot of iPhone users who would rather play it safe and take a pass on this feature. We think there are ways around some of the more frustrating steps to sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone.

This guide will walk you through some of the pain points iPhone users run into when syncing their Facebook connections. We’ll also review ways to sync Facebook contacts with your iPhone that you might not know about.
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Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: Which Will Replace Your Wallet?

Google Wallet sign at Peet's checkout station

When Apple announced the release of Apple Pay in October 2014, it was hard not to take notice. Even the most loyal Android users had some kind of reaction, ranging from “Finally” to “This is something I’ve been able to do with Google Wallet for over three years.”

While that last statement is perfectly true, Google was quick to respond with an increased advertising effort. With the growing attention around NFC payments, you may be wondering which digital wallet is right for you. For a lot of consumers that decision might ultimately depend on which one becomes the dominant player in the space. Or can they coexist?

Here’s a look at Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay.
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