5 Windows 8 Shortcuts You Might Not Know About

Windows 8 pre-login screen

Although Windows 8 is not a new product, many of its users still find themselves lost in all the features packed into the operating system. Considering what a departure it was from previous Windows versions, this isn’t a huge surprise. Fortunately, Microsoft has also included a number of helpful shortcuts to help you get the most out of Windows 8.

There are countless Windows 8 shortcuts, but we’ll walk you through some of our favorites. If you’re not already using these shortcuts, they’ll quickly become a part of your everyday life on Windows 8.
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5 Simple Tips for Remembering People’s Names

Old-school game showing names and faces

Remembering people’s names is pretty important. Calling someone by their name, especially if you’ve only met them once, is a sign of a sharp mind and a good memory. Remembering someone’s name also makes that person feel important and can put him or her immediately at ease.

Meetings, conventions, and even meeting friends of friends are all vitally important situations where remembering names is important. Yet actually remembering everyone’s name can be tricky.

By using a few tricks and tips, though, learning how to remember a name every time isn’t all that difficult. Before we get into those, let’s look briefly at why it’s so easy to forget.
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5 Great Ways to Speed Up Your Old Mac

Overhead view of MacBook and notebook on a desk

It will always be tempting to upgrade to a new Mac. They’re all around us, no matter where we go. When your Mac starts to slow down, it becomes even more difficult not to whip out your credit card and upgrade to a shiny new machine.

You don’t need to jump to this option so fast.

We’ll walk you through some easy steps to help you speed up your old Mac and fall in love with it all over again. Some of these are more labor-intensive than others, but all of them are simple ways to breathe new life into your older Mac.
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How to (Painlessly) Switch From Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Closeup of On/Off switch

There was a time when Yahoo Mail was the hottest thing going. It seemed everyone you knew had a free Yahoo email address. Then along came Google, and the new smartest email account to have was Gmail.

If you have a Yahoo address and want to make the jump to Gmail but don’t want to risk losing all the emails and contacts you’ve amassed over the years, you’re in luck. Moving services is, for the most part, pretty painless. Just follow the steps outlined below to switch from Yahoo Mail and you’ll be all-in on Gmail in no time.
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5 Tips to Get More out of Your iPhone Camera With iOS 8

Infinite reflection photo of iPhone on an iPhone

It’s no secret that for many people iPhone cameras have replaced the need for a separate digital camera. It’s simple and easy to use, and really takes great pictures. Even with the features your iPhone camera offers, it’s easy to assume there’s not much it can do outside of serving as a point-and-shoot.

There are a few lesser-known tricks that will help you get even more out of your iPhone camera. And with the release of iOS 8 there are more features for you to play around with. Let’s take a look!
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How to Set Up and Use Handoff in OS X Yosemite

Closeup of Handoff icon in Apple dock

A feature I find myself using more and more in OS X Yosemite is Handoff. This feature allows you to hand off tasks between the iPad, iPhone and Mac. You can start writing an email in Mail, browsing a Web page in Safari, or using a variety of other Apple apps on any of your iOS devices and then pass it off to your Mac to pick up later when you’re on your laptop – or vice versa.

This is a great way to connect what you do on various apps between all of your Apple devices, giving you more versatility in how and where you work.

Here’s how to set up and use Handoff in OS X Yosemite.
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Microsoft Office for Mac 2016: The Free Preview

Office for Mac 2016 promotional graphic showing Office app icons on Mac screen

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Office suite for the Mac has needed some real attention. The set of applications was last updated in 2011, and since then its issues and pain points have become glaringly obvious. From a dated look to missing functionality, Office for Mac 2011 isn’t so great.

Microsoft is finally updating Office for the Mac with Office 2016, and though it’s still under development, the company’s released the beta of Office for Mac 2016 as a free preview. There are good points and bad points, but overall Microsoft is heading in a solid direction.

Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft Office for Mac 2016, including how to get your own preview copy for free.
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How the Apple Watch Could Change Your Workouts

Vintage luxury automatic watch

When Apple announced the Apple Watch, many people celebrated the news. With an expected release date of April 2015, Apple fanatics are already speculating on how the Apple Watch will affect their lives.

Apple’s taken a particular interest in making the Apple Watch a fitness partner for users. With the addition of the Health app to iOS 8, the Watch could be an interesting addition to any fitness junkie’s arsenal.

Of course, Health isn’t the only reason Apple Watch could seriously supplement your workout. Is it a must-have for your workout regimen or not? Below we’ll look at some Apple Watch features that could have a huge impact on the way you exercise.
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Make Your iPhone Even Better With These iOS 8 Extensions

Hand holding up iPhone with water in background

One of the best features of iOS 8 is the ability to add extensions into core areas of the OS, giving you more functionality in both the sharing panel and the Today tab in the Notification Center.

Both of these combined give you more control and access to your apps while keeping your iPhone safe and secure. From a quicker way to add to Evernote, to a quick and secure way to always remember your password, iOS 8 extensions are pretty great. These are some of our favorites.
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How to Add a Google Apps Account to Your iPhone or iPad

Google Apps for Work homepage

While you can add Google accounts to the iPhone or iPad quickly and easily, these connections sync your emails via IMAP, which can be slow and may not always sync as well as you’d expect. This means delayed emails and greater battery drain as you check your email.

Instead of doing this, users with Google Apps email accounts for work, education or government can use Google Sync to connect their accounts, giving them faster email access, less battery draw, and an all-around better experience. Here’s how to set up your Google Apps account on your iPhone or iPad.
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