Switch to Conversation View in Outlook 2013 to Increase Email Productivity

With the release of Outlook 2013, Microsoft added a new email feature into the mix called Conversation View. This feature gives you the ability to group threaded emails together. Conversation view has been available in other mail clients such as Gmail for a while, so it may not seem new to you but if want to increase your productivity using Outlook 2013, conversation view will help.

Email is about conversation and ongoing email threads scattered across your Inbox on a single topic can be frustrating to locate and track. Searching for related emails is a waste of valuable time. By switching to conversation view, your email will automatically be organized by conversation with the most recent appearing at the top.

Switching to Conversation view is also one of the easiest ways to clean up a cluttered Inbox. All those long back and forth emails will be grouped together and located in one convenient location. You can even choose which folders you want affected by conversation view, so not all emails will be changed. You have the ability to turn Conversation View on and off at any time.

How to turn conversation view on and off:

1. Open Outlook 2013

2. Click the View tab


3. Under the message section in View tab check the box labeled “Show as Conversations” to turn on the Conversation View or uncheck to turn it off.

4. A small box will open with three options. Users can choose to switch all mailboxes to Conversation view, just the current folder or cancel the change.



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