How To Import an Excel CSV Contacts File into Outlook 2010

Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Outlook CSV LogoIf you have a list of contacts saved as an Excel CSV file spreadsheet, you can use the Import feature inside Microsoft Outlook 2010 to import these contacts.  CSV stands for Comma Separated Value.  In a CSV file, there is one record per line, and each field within a record is separated from the previous field by a comma. This format allows Outlook 2010 to recognize records and fields so that they can be imported correctly. Most email applications provide an option allowing you to export your contacts into a CSV file. If you have an Excel spreadsheet listing your contacts you can save it as a CSV file and import it into Outlook 2010 as well.

Follow these simple steps to import an Excel CSV format file into Outlook 2010.

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How to Convert an Excel Sheet in to the CSV (Comma Separated Values) Format

In Excel, click the File menu and choose the Save As option. Browse and select the location where you want to save the file, type in a name for the file and choose CSV from the Save as Type drop down box.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Save CSV in Excel

Importing a CSV File in to Outlook

Open Outlook 2010 and click the File Menu at the top left. Click the Open option and select Import.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Import File into Outlook

The Import and Export Wizard will open. Select the Import from another program or file option.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Import from another program or file

Click Next and select the file type as Comma Separated Values (Windows), then click Next.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Import Comma Separated Values Windows

Click the Browse button and select the CSV file you would like to import.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - File to import

If the CSV file you are importing contains more up to date contacts then you have in Outlook 2010, or if you do not have any contacts, select Replace Duplicates with Items Imported.

If you want to import contacts without affecting any existing contacts you already have in Outlook 2010, select Allow Duplicates to be Created.

If your contacts in Outlook 2010 are more up to date then the contacts you are importing, select Do Not Import Duplicate Items.

Click Next and choose the Destination Folder, most likely the Contacts folder, and click Next.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Import to Outlook Contacts folder

If you are unsure if the fields you have set up in the CSV correctly map to Outlook contacts format, click the Map Custom Fields button. To map fields, drag the fields from the From section and drop into the appropriate field into the To section on the right.  When you have finished mapping all of the fields, click OK.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Map Custom Fields screen

Click the Change Destination button to change which folder you would like the contacts imported. When complete, click the Finish button.
Import CSV to Outlook 2010 - Map Custom Fields option

Your CSV contacts fill will then be imported into Outlook.


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