How to Maintain your Address Book Across Platforms

It’s a multiple account kind of world, isn’t it? We use dozens of passwords daily. This one gets you into your bank account. That one’s for the cable. This one’s for school. And it’s worse if you’re still maintaining multiple e-mail addresses across multiple platforms. Most of us are. And in many ways, we’ve become digital hoarders in a wasteland of dotcoms and too many choices at our disposal, especially our address books.

Here are some basic tips to get you organized.

Make a list of lists

Lists are good. Lists are simple. Lists make you look organized. They help you to establish and quantify the various components of your life you’re focused on in the moment. If you don’t want to use pen and paper, go digital with Evernote or use a spreadsheet.


While you’re making your lists, scan your various online and offline address books to see which seem important and which don’t. You’ll either decide to consolidate your contact list into a single source you use daily, or decide which account is going to store your contacts for the various roles in your life. One for work another for personal.

Everything must go

The delete key gives us the time travel opportunity we simply don’t get in life. We can change things, reconsider. Start anew. Maybe you don’t want to export those old business contacts after all. You can hit the delete key. But not before sending a backup to an Outlook, Google, CSV format, or vCard format (for Mac).


Who’s the master?

While you can easily bounce between accounts, it’s probably a good idea to establish a master account (the one you use most) and use that one to import your primary contacts. Thankfully, Google and Apple have established some basic instructions as to merging and sharing address book information between your accounts. You can even decide to completely abandon one or the other. Or, you could synchronize your contacts across multiple accounts for example syncing Gmail and Mac Contacts to keep everything current regardless of which platform you’re accessing. Either way, always back up your files. You can also synch Mac OS with Google contacts using CardDAV.

Avoiding e-clutter

For many, the days of waiting to check an e-mail when you get home, is so…20th century. The vast majority of us have smart phones that can be connected to such services as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, and your work e-mail. Presumably, you’ve already adopted a sort of brand loyalty to when it comes to accessing your contacts on the go. It’s almost necessary. Conversely, our desktops are typically less ordered and require more attention. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, it’s easy to reach all your contacts while away from your desk. It’s even better once you’ve reorganized that address book.

E-clutter is one of life’s new frustrations (and perhaps your IT manager’s). The truth is, maintaining order in the face of chaos is hard work. That’s why there are plenty of tools at your disposal to make your digital life neater.

Simplicity has its rewards, so why not have Scrubly clean up your contacts list? Give it a shot, and contact us if you have any questions, we’re happy to help out.


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