How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts to Outlook

Keeping your social media accounts and address books in sync doesn’t have to be like slipping into an alternate universe. If you use LinkedIn and Outlook, the process is rather simple. Here’s how it works.

1. Sign into your LinkedIn account.

2. Go to the Network drop-down menu and select Contacts. You’ll see your contacts listed. You can also add a contact if you need.

LinkedIn home page.

3. Click the Gear icon (at the top right-hand corner of the page) to go to the Settings menu.

4. Click Export LinkedIn Connections. The link is in the right-hand panel, under the heading “Advanced Settings.”

5. Under the heading “Export to,” select “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file).”

The Export To dialogue box.

6. Click Export.

7. Complete the security check. Enter the text shown in the images and click Continue.

8. Save the file someplace you’ll remember, such as your desktop.

9. Sign into Outlook.

10. Open your Contacts, located in the lower left corner.

If you have no contacts in your Outlook data files, the following message will pop up: There are no items to show in this view. Double-click here to create a new Contact.

If you do have contacts, then double-click the tab to add a new contact.

11. This will open a new “Contact – Data” file. Under the File tab, select Open, then select Import.

Outlook Import menu.

12. Once you have clicked Import, the Import and Export Wizard will take you through the final steps.

Import and Export wizard.

When you import the file, you’ll be using the CSV file you saved earlier.

Import a File dialogue box.

13. Locate your file.

Documents library.

Import a File dialogue box showing the last step in the file-import process.

14. Click Finish when you’re ready.

Be sure to select “Contacts” as your destination folder.

Select destination folder.

Outlook will transfer your contacts.

File-import progress indicator.

You’re all set. Your contact(s) have been added to Outlook!

Screen shot showing completed contact import.

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