8 Contact Management Tips to Start Using Today

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No matter how you keep track of your contacts, the basics for managing them effectively are essentially the same. Whether it’s a friend, family member or business contact, having their information readily at hand is not just a good idea – it’s vital to your life and business.

There are countless contact management apps, but whichever one you use, there are some basic guidelines to follow that can help you manage your contacts better.

Take a look at these contact management tips and start implementing them today. You’ll have happier customers, closer family ties and better friends – because everyone likes to be remembered.

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1. Birthdays

If you do nothing else in this list, make sure you record the birthday for as many contacts in your list as possible. It’s amazing what a quick mention of a birthday when calling someone can do to strengthen a relationship, and how huge it is to send someone you haven’t talked to in some time a gift on their special day.

Most contact management apps have a specific place for this that puts a contact’s birthday on the calendar you have synced to the account.

2. Family Member Names

Don’t stop at birthdays, though. Go deeper and ask for the names of spouses, children, and even parents when adding a new contact. This way, you know whom to ask about when you call.

This is best added in the Notes section for a contact, but some applications like the Contacts app for iOS and OS X have unique placeholders for the information.

3. Social Media Information

This is the newest entry on the list, but its importance trumps its age. Calling and even emailing to follow up with a new contact were once excellent ways to get in touch, but today Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the way to go.

Friend-request those new contacts, suggest your business page, and say hello on Twitter to leave a lasting impression. Now there’s no hunting to find important social media info. Get it when you first meet and you’ll have it for good.

4. List Their Skills

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Moving beyond ways to contact someone, use a person’s contact page to list their major skills. Doing this will make it easy for you the next time you need a graphic designer, copywriter, or someone to fix your computer.

Skills don’t have to stop with business needs. You can list the special tools each of your friends has, so you know whom you can borrow that power washer from the next time you need it.

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5. Don’t Forget About Special Needs

Along with skills, the Notes section for a contact is a perfect place to save special needs and concerns for your contacts. These might include food allergies, sensitive topics like a death in the family, and any handicaps that may be necessary to account for.

If someone is a vegetarian or if they just hate fish, make comments on all these as you find them out. With this information in hand, your next dinner will be far easier to plan, too.

6. Remember Their Site

These days just about everyone has their own website, and it’s important to remember it. By utilizing the Homepage feature of most contact management applications, you can keep abreast of what is going on in people’s lives and careers.

Before scheduling a meeting or dinner with someone, check their website to see if anything new has been posted or mentioned, and take it into account accordingly.

7. Why Do You Know Them?

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Friends, customers and business associates all came to know you because of another person or event. By marking this down in your Contacts page, you can always remember why you have this person’s number or email address in your list.

Not only is this great for when you want to contact someone, but if they call you out of the blue you can look at this note and understand why they’re calling, instead of possibly embarrassing yourself by being at a loss.

8. Fix Your Duplicates Now, Avoid Wrong Info Later

The constant ebb and flow of contacts into and out of your address book, along with multiple accounts all syncing to one place, can make for some pretty big issues with duplicate contacts. Not only can these be embarrassing when you have to ask again for information that you didn’t see because of a duplicate, but searching through four or five different entries for one person is a big time-waster.

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Once your data is sound, you can start adding in everything else. Working with anything but squeaky-clean data is pointless and, with Scrubly, unnecessary. Don’t let your time go to waste, because time is something that really isn’t on your side.

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