How to Use the Caffeine App for Mac OS X

Caffeine is one of my go-to apps on OS X. It is a tiny lightweight app that keeps your Mac screen from dimming. This is especially helpful when you’re presenting to your stakeholders.

In other words, with the Caffeine app your Mac won’t fall asleep. Hence the name. Get it?

Ahem. Right. Let’s walk through how to use the Caffeine app for Mac OS X.

1. Go to the App Store on your Mac.
2. Type “Caffeine” in the search field on the far top right.
3. Click Install App. A tiny coffee cup icon appears in the top right corner of your Mac system tray.
4. Select the coffee cup icon. When it appears full, your computer screen keeps from going into a dimmed state.
5. Deselect the coffee cup (empty) and your machine will go into a dimmed state (default).

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You can select how long Caffeine will keep your screen from dimming, as shown below in Figure B.

Now if only there were an app to keep your eyes from dimming during those endless meetings…

Caffeine app shown in search results on App Store
Figure A: Download the Caffeine app from the App Store.

Selecting activate time for Caffeine app from Apple menu bar

Figure B: Click Activate for and choose the amount of time you want to activate the Caffeine app.

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