How to Sync Gmail With Mac Mail in OS X Yosemite

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With the popularity of OS X Yosemite, there’s a pretty good chance that if you have a Mac from 2012 on, you’ll want to add a Gmail account to it.

While iCloud allows you to sync contacts calendars and email, Google allows for this, too. Setting up a Gmail account in OS X Yosemite is fairly straightforward, and with a little help you’ll be up and running in no time. Here’s how to sync Gmail with Mac Mail in OS X Yosemite.

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How to Add a Gmail Account to OS X Yosemite and Sync Gmail with Mac Mail

To get your Gmail account added to OS X Yosemite, follow these steps.

1. Open up the Settings app by clicking on the Apple icon in the menu bar and selecting System Preferences. Then click on Internet Accounts.

OS X Yosemite System Preferences window with Internet Accounts highlighted

2. From here, click the Google logo.

Google logo highlighted in Internet Accounts window

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3. You’ll see a window appear with some basic login information. Enter your Name, Email Address (including and Password. Click Set Up when you’re done.

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Google login info window in OS X Yosemite

4. Choose which apps you want to sync between Google and your Mac. Uncheck the items you don’t want to sync and then click Done.
Google app selection window in OS X Yosemite

5. There’s one last step to finish this up. With your new account selected, click on the Details button.
Google apps selected on Internet Accounts window
6. This will bring up a window with your name and password as well as a Description field. Your Mac will automatically fill this out with “Google,” but if you’re using more than one account you probably want to update this. Type in a descriptive name for your account, then click OK.

Filling in Description field in Google login window

Your Gmail account will now automatically show up in the Mac Mail application, as well as Contacts and Calendar. If you want to change what is being synced, just uncheck or check any of the available boxes. Unchecking an app will not delete any of the synced data; it will just remove it from your computer. The data in each will still be available in your account on and any other synced devices.

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