Use iCloud Keychain to View Saved Passwords and Credit Cards

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Since the launch of OS X Mavericks, Safari on the Mac has become a pretty powerful browser. While Safari was always one of the top browsers, the addition of iCloud Keychain made it even better.

With iCloud Keychain you can save usernames, passwords, and even credit card information so that everything is easy to access and sync to your iOS device. While it’s incredibly secure, you are still given the option to view the info in case you’ve forgotten a login and need it on a non-Safari or non-iOS device.

Check out the steps below to view saved passwords, usernames, and credit cards in OS X Mavericks with iCloud Keychain.

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View Saved Usernames and Passwords

On your Mac, open up Safari and from the menu bar click on Safari > Preferences. On the Autofill tab, click the Edit button next to User names and passwords.

AutoFill tab of Safari Preferences window

You should now see a list of websites and usernames that you’ve saved using Safari for iOS or the Mac. If all you’re looking for is the username, you’re all set.

If you’re looking for the password as well, there’s one more step.

List of usernames and passwords in Passwords tab on Safari Preferences window

Check the box at the bottom of the window that says “Show passwords for selected websites.” You’ll be prompted to enter your Mac OS X password. Once you enter this you’ll be able to see the password for any account in the list by clicking once on it. (You may be prompted to allow Safari access to your iCloud Keychain.) The line of dots will be replaced with the password.

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Show Credit Card Information

One of the big features in iCloud Keychain is the ability to save credit card information. The system only saves the number and expiration date; it uses the CVV number on the back of your actual credit card as the piece of security that unlocks the information.

Encrypted credit card information in Safari Preferences AutoFill tab

To view saved credit card information (minus the CVV number, since this isn’t saved), click on the AutoFill tab again and this time click the Edit button next to Credit cards. You’ll see a list of all your saved credit cards and have the chance to remove any of them or add a new one.

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Sync iCloud Keychain to iOS

Once you have everything set up on your Mac, you can sync it to iOS so your passwords and credit card information are at hand. To make sure iCloud Keychain is turned on, tap Settings > iCloud. Scroll down to the Keychain item and tap on it.

To turn on Keychain, tap the toggle switch so that it’s green. You’ll have to enter your iTunes password. You’ll also be prompted to activate Keychain from another device that is already authorized. This is typically done by sending a code via text to your iPhone.

There’s one more place to go to sync login information, and then you’re all set.

Tap the back button until you’re on the main Settings screen. Scroll down until you see Safari and tap on it. Tap on Passwords & AutoFill, and turn on Names and Passwords.

Safari settings on iPhone screen

If you want to view usernames and passwords on iOS, on the Passwords & AutoFill screen tap on Saved Passwords. Just tap on the login you need and you’ll be shown your login information. Turn on Use Contact Info and Credit Cards to turn this syncing on as well.

Safari Passwords & AutoFill screen on iPhone

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a passcode lock with your iOS device if you are using iCloud Keychain and syncing usernames, passwords, and credit cards. If you don’t, anyone can pick up your device and access this data.

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