How to Set Up Social Media Accounts in Mavericks (and Why)

Graphic -- OSX Mavericks and Social Media.

With the release of OS X Mavericks, Apple has integrated social media into the core of the operating system more than ever before. This means that with the new level of integration you can:

  • get updates via the Notification Center
  • find your contacts’ account information easily
  • tweet and post from most Mac apps
  • and more.

Before you can see how well everything integrates you need to set the accounts up. Here’s how to get the most common accounts set up in Mavericks.


1. Open up System Preferences by clicking on the Apple menu > System Preferences.

2. Click Internet Accounts.

System Preferences menu.

Depending on the number of accounts you already have added to OS X, you should see a screen that looks similar to this:

Internet Accounts screen.

This window will show all email and social media accounts that have been added to your computer.

3. To add a Twitter account, click the Twitter button.

4. Enter your Twitter handle (you don’t need to add the @ symbol) and password, and then click Next.

If you don’t see this list of available account types just click the + button in the bottom left-hand corner and the list will appear.

Twitter log-in screen.

5. You’ll see the sign-in screen. This is just a terms-of-service screen that verifies what you’re giving Twitter access to. Click Sign In.

Twitter terms-of-service screen.

6. When you’re done, you should see this screen:

Twitter's internet accounts screen.

7. To get Twitter information into your address book, click the Update Contacts … button on the bottom right corner. This will add information from Twitter for all your contacts. This means you’ll get pictures and Twitter handles for the people in your address book.

A warning will come up. Just click Update Contacts again to continue.

This should take less than a minute, but will vary depending on the number of Twitter followers and address book contacts.

When the update is finished, you should see how many contacts were updated. You can add multiple Twitter accounts using this method. When you post from OS X you’ll get the choice of which account to post from.

2. Facebook

Adding a Facebook account to OS X Mavericks is pretty much the same as adding a Twitter account (see the steps above), but you get a few more options once the account is added.

Keep in mind that while you can have multiple Twitter accounts active at once, you can only have one Facebook account.

Once you enter your Facebook user name and password, you’re given the ability to sync both contacts and calendars. This will pull information for your Facebook friends and add it to your contacts on the Mac. This includes pictures, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, as well as employer and notes.

You also get calendar syncing. With this option turned on, your Facebook events will now appear inside the OS X Calendar application. This includes events you’re invited to but haven’t accepted or declined yet.

Internet Accounts screen.

Once these are checked, click the Get Profile Photos button. This will grab profile photos for anyone in your address book that has a Facebook account tied to their phone number or email address, even if you’re not friends with them on Facebook.

This is a great option for business contacts and co-workers that you don’t want to friend on the social media platform but still want images for.

3. LinkedIn

New for OS X Mavericks is the ability to sync your LinkedIn contact information to your computer. This is great because now you can have your contact list from LinkedIn available on your Mac, which means with iCloud that it’s available everywhere else, too.

Adding the account is the same as with Facebook and Twitter (see above).

Click the + button at the bottom of your account list to add a new account and select LinkedIn. Once you log in, you get the ability to sync contacts.

As with Facebook, you can only sync one LinkedIn account at a time.

Internet Accounts screen.

Click the Update Profile Photos button to add user pictures from LinkedIn to your contacts list on your Mac.

The Others

Using basically the same methods as above you can set up Google, Yahoo, AOL (really, Apple?), Vimeo, and Flickr accounts, all with varying levels of interoperability with your Mac.

Now What?

Now that you have your accounts linked to Mavericks, what do you do with them?

Besides the contact syncing, there are some pretty interesting features. Here are the highlights.

Shared Links

There’s a new feature in Safari called Shared Links. This looks through your Twitter and LinkedIn feeds and automatically populates itself with links pulled from both services. This way, you can see what links your friends are sharing without having to leave your browser. You can find Shared Links in the Safari sidebar.

Post From Notification Center

Click the icon in the Menu Bar in OS X and you’ll see all of your notifications available at that time, but at the top of the list you should see Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons. Click each of these to post right from Notification Center.

Notification Center menu.

Facebook Calendar

As mentioned above, your Facebook calendar now appears in the Mac Calendar app. Now new events, birthdays, and invitations all show up right on your Mac.


You can tweet directions or locations via the Maps application built in to Mavericks. Click the arrow next to the Directions button and you can share via Twitter or Facebook.

Sharing menu on the maps app.

Everywhere Else

Everything from iPhoto to your contacts list now uses the social media integration available in Mavericks. This level of integration helps you to use these services without pulling you completely out of what you’re working on, which is a great way to stay productive.

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Scrubly social-sharing menu.

Scrubly sign-up.