How to Install Applications From Any Source on Your Mac

1The newer versions of Apple’s OS X operating system have a feature built in that helps users avoid installing software that can harm or damage their system. Called Gatekeeper, this setting on your Mac will stop any software that wasn’t downloaded from the Mac App Store from installing.
While Apple’s intentions were good, this feature can really get in the way of installing software that comes from any source that isn’t the official App Store.
It’s easy to turn this setting off so you can once again install whatever software you choose, and to use software like Scrubly, it’s not just a good idea to turn Gatekeeper off, it’s necessary!
Follow the steps below to turn Gatekeeper off and regain your freedom to install whatever you want. It’s possible to turn it off on a per-software basis, but as long as you’re even moderately familiar with your Mac, this setting will just get in the way. Turn it off now and save yourself the headaches later.

The Unidentified Developer Install Error

If you’re having issues installing software that’s not from the Mac App Store, you should see an error like this when you try to install:


If you received an error like this, don’t worry. The steps below will easily walk you through getting that software onto your Mac.

1. Open System Preferences

Click on the Apple menu, then System Preferences. When the window loads, click on the Security & Privacy icon.


2. Change the Security & Privacy Settings

When the Security & Privacy window loads, click the lock icon in the bottom-left corner and enter your administrator password. This is what gives you the ability to change settings in this window. With your password entered, click Unlock. Once the pane is unlocked, the lock icon will change.


With the pane unlocked, change the Allow apps downloaded from… section to Anywhere.


Once you’re done you can close the window.

That’s it! Now your machine is free to install software from wherever you want. If you ever want to turn this setting back on, just follow the directions above but this time choose the Mac App Store option on the final screen.

Learn more about OS X’s Gatekeeper from Apple’s Tech here.


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