How to Automatically Save Screenshots in Dropbox

Do you need to take screenshots in your daily work? Dropbox has a feature that automatically stores your screenshots. This allows you to view them on any device loaded with Dropbox or to paste a link to them.

Let’s dig into this and see how it works.

There are many tools to take screenshots on your computer, but OS X has this feature built in. I am all about not spending money if at all possible. In order to configure Dropbox, you must take your first screenshot.

1. Press SHIFT + Command + 3. This will quickly take a screenshot of your entire screen. The following Window appears:

Share Your Screenshots Using Dropbox window

2. Select Save Screenshots to Dropbox and the following folder is automatically created and placed in your Dropbox folder.

Screenshots folder in Dropbox folder

3. If for some reason the screen does not appear, single-click the Dropbox folder on the top right-hand corner of your screen, select the cog wheel, and click Preferences.

Selecting cog wheel on Dropbox

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4. Click on the Import tab and select Share screenshots using Dropbox.

Share Screenshots checkbox

Reboot your computer.

5. Now let’s rock and roll.

You can take screenshots of an entire screen by using the following:

Shift + Command + 3 – Takes a screenshot of the entire screen and automatically place it in your Dropbox folder.
Shift + Command + 4 – Allows you to capture a specific area and place it in your Dropbox folder.
Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar – Allows you to select a window and a screenshot is taken.
After you take your screenshot, a link to the screenshot is copied to your clipboard for sharing. You can open an email and type Command + V to paste the link.

Sharing Screenshot notification box
As Porky Pig would say, that’s all, folks!

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